Women Give Automakers The Business (for the Right Car)

By Joel Arellano | February 14, 2007
With over half the adult female population swinging solo and near 80 percent of all automotive decision determined by women, it’s no wonder that automakers from Chrysler to Ford to Toyota and and BMW are nearly bending over backwards to design their cars for women wants.So, what exactly do women want? ABC7’s Cheryl Burton posed that question to several female visitors and auto representatives at this year’s Chicago Auto Show. Answers varied from something “fun” to the latest electronic toys. However, safety technologies, from anti-brake systems to airbags, are more important to women than GPS or dual-cam engines. Convenience, from grocery hooks in the new Nissan Quest minivan to buttons that won’t break fingers nails when pushed, composed women’s top wants. Men, fortunately, tend to have the same values. Our take? We’re still waiting for the ultimate “woman” vehicle: a car that drives itself while in traffic.
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