You Auto Know: Goes Live Today

By Trevor Dorchies | October 04, 2012
Source Interlink Media, parent company of entities like Motor Trend Magazine, Automobile Magazine, Hot Rod Magazine, and, has launched This new site officially goes live today showcasing Automobile Editor in Chief Jean Jennings with a focus on helping women in all aspects of buying and owning a car. Jennings has been in the automotive industry for more than 30 years, holding jobs as varied as a taxi cab driver and owner; test driver, welder, and mechanic for Chrysler,;writer for Car and Driver, and finally co-founder and Executive Editor of Automobile. She would later go on to become the magazine's Editor in Chief, and tacked on the title of President a few years after that. Jennings' automotive journalism career was elevated to legendary status thanks to the columns and features stories she would pen while Executive Editor of Automobile. The way she would depict these automotive adventures brought her many awards including the prestigious Ken Purdy award, the highest honor you can earn in automotive journalism. will feature all of Jennings' know-how and other automotive worldly experiences to provide a platform for women to have a place to speak and learn about cars. Jennings and her staff will strive to make cars easy to understand, and be a reliable source for automotive information. Not only will the staff help guide you through the process of buying or selling a car, they will also interact with you as well. “Jean Knows Cars is a trustworthy, informative resource for women—but we’re also smart, funny, and interactive,” said Jennings. “We have created a community that is highly experiential and provides the freedom for women to share their stories and enthusiasm for cars, while never being patronizing, pretentious, or exclusive. In other words, you don’t have to know the secret car handshake to hang with us.” Jennings will be featured on the site most prominently in three separate sections; "You Auto Know," which will help with the process of buying a car, "Jean's Driveway," which will feature abbreviated car reviews, and "Car Confessions," where readers can tell their own stories and interact with Jean and her staff.  Be sure to follow JeanKnowsCars on Twitter and like it on Facebook on Google+. Source: JeanKnowsCars
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