You Can't Buy One Yet, But You Can Build Your Very Own Jaguar F-Type

By Blake Z. Rong | September 28, 2012
Jaguar is wasting little time getting the F-Type ready: after announcing it this week at the Paris Motor Show, the configurator is already up. Let's see what you can get in your 911 killer, huh? For starters, the F-Type is expected to, well, start at $69,000. This gets you the supercharged V-6 shared with the 2013 XJ and XF. Here, it gets 340 horsepower. If you want slightly more power--40 horses' worth--that'll cost you $81,000, or approximately $300 per horse. The range-topper gets a V-8 with 495 horsepower, harkening to a day when Jaguar wasn't hampered by changing fuel efficiency regulations. That one will ring you $92,000—but it does come with a switch to turn the Active Sport Exhaust off, in case you want to go back to sweet-talking the bird in the passenger's seat.
Colors include the quintessential British Racing Green, as well as Black Amethyst Metallic (purple), Firesand Metallic (garish orange), and 5, not 50, shades of bluish-grey. Roof colors are black, grey, tan, and a deep, sexy red that pairs well with Lunar Grey Metallic. (Above, the exact F-Type that your humble author would order.) Sadly, no luscious shades of brown are being offered, which is a shame given contemporary trends. Plus, you can get an umbrella holder. How quaintly British is that? No pricing on any options have been announced, but we expect those Jaguar-logo'd valve caps to be $995 per set. (This is a Porsche competitor, after all.) Back massagers, rose gold-encrusted champagne glasses, and glovebox-mounted dispensers of Talisker 30 have not yet been announced at this time. Source: Jaguar