You Can't Make This Stuff Up: Family Wakes Up to Lexus in Pool

By Matthew Askari | May 18, 2012
File this one under weird: a La Puente, California family woke up to a bang, which turned out to be a Lexus going for a nose dive in the family pool. The Diaz family reported that around 5:25 a.m. Sunday (read in the wee hours after Saturday night), a silver Lexus smashed through the family's backyard wall and dove straight into the pool. The driver was, no surprise here, charged with driving under the influence. Absurdly, this isn't the first time motorists have crashed into that wall. "We had always joked around about it—that someone was going to end up in the pool—because they've hit our wall before," said Janelle Diaz, 16. The driver, who had sustained minor injuries, was able to exit the front passenger side window. A crane was used to remove the 2006 model year Lexus from the pool. Source: Imperfectparent, screen image from ABC News video
Scott Weyer
Scott Weyer

Gives all new meaning to "car wash". And this is not the first time?? Can you imagine trying to take a relaxing swim and having that join you??