Young car owners continue to favor imports

By Automotive Staff | December 13, 2007
Oh, the generation gap! Don’t trust anyone over 30. It’s no longer your father’s Oldsmobile. All sayings we have come to know about the "generation gap" continue to drive an invisible wedge between fathers and sons, moms and daughters. Well, J.D. Power and Associates has come up with a new report that provides the evidence that the generation gap continues. According to the study, the younger a buyer is, the more likely it is that he or she will avoid models because they are of domestic origin. The study also breaks such buying habits down by region. It shows that the North Central portion of the United States (as defined by the U.S. Census Bureau) has the largest proportion of domestic vehicle buyers at figure is 41 percent. Why? Respondents say that it is the vehicle’s styling and cost. Meanwhile, the Northeast and the West regions have the highest proportions of people who buy import vehicles because these buyers are concerned with reliability, poor quality, depreciation and gas mileage found among domestically-built vehicles.
More details can be found at CNN Money. Our take? And never the two shall meet. Unless the domestic auto makers can convince the young ‘ems that they make quality cars too.

I'm 29 and have had two imports. One was a 2003 Toyota Crapolla. When I was at the University of California that car would not stay running for two days straight. I changed the timing belt, rotors and brake pads twice, a/c compressor, front bearings, c/v joints, and all of the shocks before it hit 70k miles. The next car I bought was a new Honda Accord. Within the first six weeks of ownership it spent 22 days at the dealership for a stalling problem, seat heaters, rattle in the dash, cd player replacement, and a drivers door that would not close enough that I could catch a cold with all of the wind coming in. So as a young person I will not ever consider an Import brand after what I went through. I now drive a Dodge Dakota. Bought it new. Never had it in for any problems at all. Imports are WAY over rated. You couldn't give one to me.