You're Discontinued! Mercedes-Benz Maybach is Officially No More

By Joel Arellano | August 15, 2012
Never heard of the Maybach? You're not alone. Mercedes-Benz's answer to BMW's Rolls-Royce and Volkswagen's Bentley ultra-luxury lineups never gained traction among the wealthy, or the envying public. Even car enthusiasts, who embrace the old (Ford Crown Vic, Lincoln Town Car), the obscure (Ninety Eight Regency Elite), and the downright strange (Pontiac Aztek...yes, there are fans) can barely muster, well, enthusiasm, for the Maybach. Mercedes saw the writing on the wall. Specifically, its accountants' walls, which charted Maybach sales falling faster than social media stock prices. We first posted about Maybach's failure closure last November; subsequently, Mercedes has followed up with plans to expand its S-Class to fill the Maybach's niche with a long-wheelbase model (think limousine); two even higher-level “Pullman” models (think limousine on steroids); and a soft-top coupe (think limo convertible.) Mercedes has not released any official press release on Maybach's demise. The automaker, instead, recently released pricing details on its lineup. A simple "Discontinued" is marked next to the two Maybach models, effectively ending its ten-year history. Follow up with Maybach confirms the final car was built in June. A small batch is available for purchase but are sold "as-is." Mercedes will continue to support Maybach owners (i.e., maintenance, repairs, etc.), which is a slam dunk, since Maybach cars were essentially highly luxurious versions of the Mercedes-Benz S-Class anyhow.
Source: Autocar