Nissan NV1500

The Nissan NV1500 debuts for the 2012 model year. It aims to make a name for itself among the popular Chevy and Ford options, which typically dominate the full-size van class in sales, both new and used.

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Nissan NV1500 Origins

Like many of the famous carmakers, Nissan began in the early 1900s. The original company that became Nissan began making and selling cars as early as 1914 with the famous Datsun. By 1933, the company had been renamed Nissan and started to explore broader horizons in Japan and across the globe. By 1937, the company mass produced not only the Datsun, but also a line of delivery vans and a small truck. Nissan continued designing new vehicles and now proves an important force in the automotive world.

By 1958, Nissan crossed the ocean and began offering the Datsun to the American consumer. One short year later, the company brought its pickup truck over as well. Over the next decade, Nissan continued to bring new and innovative ideas to the automotive industry and opened the first Japanese-owned plant in North America in Mexico, in 1966.

With well-made cars and trucks available, it didn’t take long for Nissan to make a name for itself among the U.S. auto industry and consumers. Among the many vehicles the company has offered over the years, the NV1500 aims to be one of the most popular.

About the Nissan NV1500

With its reputation for quality products, Nissan hopes to change the way the American public looks at the van market and its competitors. The designers and engineers at Nissan have made every attempt to produce a well-made and likable option.

First and foremost a tough workhorse, the Nissan NV1500 provides exceptional utility, thanks to a long, wide cargo floor, square-top wheelwell housings, and nearly vertical sidewalls. Along with maximizing cargo space, the sidewalls accommodate aftermarket storage systems without excessive modification. The cargo area also features a full-length inner panel to prevent cargo from denting the vehicle’s outer skin (SV models). There are also multiple integrated reinforced attachment points for mounting customization equipment.

Notably, that the Nissan NV1500 only offers a cargo van style. This model cannot be ordered in a passenger van capacity. Only time will tell if this decision proves wise on Nissan’s part. So far, given the auto industry’s reactions to the van, things look promising. With this model, the carmaker offers the consumer a choice of roof heights, engine sizes, and trim levels. Nissan hopes the NV1500 will offer enough affordable options to meet the needs of the cargo van market.

Nissan NV1500 Features

In a bit of a surprising move, Nissan has chosen to broaden its horizons and introduce a line of full-size vans to the U.S. market. These vans intend to compete with the well-known American made versions, such as those from Ford and Chevy. Since those models haven’t changed much in the last several years, Nissan has taken some of the complaints about the vans and tried to correct them. For example, van owners complain of limited headroom; Nissan offers the NV1500 with an option of two roof heights to counteract this problem.

Naturally, a full-size cargo van needs plenty of power to move efficiently. Nissan equips the NV1500 with a 4.0-liter V-6 engine capable of 261 hp. Paired with the V-6, motor consumers find a durable five-speed automatic transmission. Many interested buyers are also happy to learn that these vans come equipped with rear drive.

Buyers should consider the interior of the NV1500 as well, since many cargo van drivers find themselves in the seat for long periods of time. Nissan makes every attempt to provide maximum comfort. The plush and well-shaped seats offer the most comfortable ride possible. The center console of the van is well designed with plenty of room for files, a laptop, or whatever supplies the driver might need during the course of a business day.

The 2012 Nissan NV is offered in three well-equipped models: NV1500, NV2500 HD, NV3500 HD – in Standard Roof and High Roof body configurations (NV2500 HD, NV3500 HD series). All are assembled by the Nissan North America Manufacturing Canton, Mississippi plant.

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With the NV, Nissan hopes to make the lives of contractors and working professionals easier.