Nissan NV2500

So far, the Nissan NV2500 doesn’t have much of a reputation since Nissan introduced the series for the 2012 model year.

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Nissan NV2500 Origins

Like many of the famous carmakers, the history of Nissan starts in the early 1900s. The original company that later became Nissan began making and selling cars as early as 1914 with the famous Datsun. By 1933, the company had been renamed Nissan and hoped to explore broader horizons in Japan and across the globe. By 1937 the company mass produced not only the Datsun, but also a line of delivery vans and a small truck. Nissan continues to design new vehicles and remains an important force in Japan’s automotive industry and the world’s.

By 1958, Nissan crossed the ocean and began offering the Datsun to the American consumer. One short year later, the company brought its pickup truck over as well. Over the next decade or so, Nissan continued to bring new and innovative ideas to the automotive industry and opened the first Japanese-owned plant in North America, in Mexico in 1966.

With well-made cars and trucks available, it didn’t take long for Nissan to make a name for itself among U.S. consumers. Among the many vehicles the company has offered over the years, stands the NV2500.

About the Nissan NV2500

Several things can be said for this new line of cargo vans. First, unlike many other lines of vans, this one does not offer a passenger body style, only cargo. The lineup intends to go up against the popular Ford and Chevy cargo vans that currently dominate this class.

In order to compete with the dual powerhouses known as Ford and Chevy, Nissan equips its NV2500 van with some unique features and options. It won’t take long for the van to become well-known for its interesting center console. This useful feature sits between the front seats and provides enough space to store the essentials for the business day, including room for hanging files or a laptop. Nissan also offers this van with an option of two different roof heights to add to the available headroom and cargo space if needed.

Nissan NV2500 Features

As mentioned, the Nissan NV2500 debuts for the 2012 model year. Nissan pulled out all the stops to design this model, and it addresses many of the common complaints with the traditional cargo van options and makes a good attempt to correct them. These vans keep driver and passenger comfort in mind, as well as towing and hauling needs other vans ignore.

Under the hood, the Nissan NV2500 comes fully equipped with a choice of either a V-6 or V-8 engine. The engineers offer these motor choices with the standard five-speed automatic transmission. Interested buyers will find all of these vans have rear drive as well.

The NV2500 addresses safety concerns as well. This cargo van comes standard with anti-lock brakes, traction control, and stability control. Inside the cabin, drivers and passengers benefit from front and side airbags. Optional safety features include a rear-view monitor.

The Nissan NV2500 comes in two trim levels: the S and the SV. The S trim level represents the base model and offers air-conditioning, a two-speaker audio system, and cloth seats. This model also offers vinyl accents in areas exposed to high traffic. In the SV edition, Nissan offers full power accessories, a four-speaker sound system, and cruise control. This model also comes equipped with rear parking assist and chrome accents on the exterior of the van.

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