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In 2011, Nissan launched its new commercial van, the Nissan Van (NV). It has three different chassis styles based on the size and cargo capacity. The Nissan NV series is the first full-size van series that was produced by Nissan for sales in North America. Prior to the launch of the Nissan NV series, the only place where full-size Nissan vans were manufactured and sold was in Mexico. For the 2012 model year, Nissan NV vans replaced the vans built and sold in Mexico, and introduced a van into the U.S. and Canadian markets.

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About the Nissan NV3500

When Nissan introduced the Nissan NV vans, its goal was to target private users instead of commercial fleet buyers. In particular, the company was targeting buyers who had purchased pickup trucks in the past. After spending many years researching the design of the van, Nissan developed a cargo van that was easy to service and provided as much interior cargo room as possible.

Nissan NV3500 Features

Three model options are available in a Nissan NV van: the NV1500, NV2500, and NV3500. All three are built on the same platform as the Nissan Titan, which is the full-size pickup manufactured by Nissan. Due to the requirements for creating a cargo van, the platform was highly modified for use with the Nissan NV van series. All three versions of the Nissan NV come in a base and an upscale trim. The Nissan NV3500 is the heaviest of the three and has the largest carrying capacity.

The Nissan NV3500 heavy duty (HD) has a body-on-frame construction that provides a spacious cargo area, as well as a comfortable seating area for two at the front of the van. Both the Nissan NV2500 and the NV3500 come in two roof heights. The standard roof height provides a cargo height of 55.4 inches, while the high roof height allows for a cargo height of 76.5 inches. The higher roof height was designed so that almost anyone could stand up and walk around in the rear of the van. The floor length of the cargo area is 120.7 inches and has a maximum width of 70.3 inches. Access to the cargo area is through a side sliding door and rear doors.

Within the Nissan NV3500 HD, the cargo area was designed to allow a range of options on how it’s used. The interior comes fitted with weld-nut attachment points to allow the easy addition of shelving and other features. As an option, it can also be pre-wired to provide electricity for those tools and equipment that need it. Additional features include a passenger seat that folds flat to allow for a desk area, as well as an optional center console that is removable, both of which allow for the Nissan NV to be a full mobile office.

Nissan NV3500 Evolution

Unlike the Nissan NV1500 and the Nissan NV2500, the Nissan NV3500 HD comes with 5.6-liter V-8 engine only. The engine has a power rating of 317 horsepower and provides torque of 385 lb-ft. All three of the vans come with a rear-wheel drive system only, and a five-speed automatic transmission. The weight capacity of the Nissan NV3500 HD is 3,925 pounds. An anti-lock braking system, traction control and anti-skid system, tire pressure monitoring system, and curtain-side and front airbags are all standard safety features found within the Nissan NV3500 HD vans.

Both the base S model and the SV trim level of the Nissan NV3500 HD come with 17-inch wheels, fabric upholstered seating, air-conditioning, and a CD player. Upgrades included with the higher trim level are a Bluetooth wireless connection, power controls for the driver’s seat, cruise control, and exterior chrome features, such as the bumper and door handles. Buyers can also add a towing package and a technology package to their vans.

In addition to the Nissan NV3500 HD cargo van, Nissan also produced a Nissan NV3500 passenger van for 2012. While the general specifications are the same for the cargo van and the passenger van, significant differences include the addition of seating in the cargo area and the exchange of the metal body side panels for those with windows. There are four rows of seats that provide seating for up to 12 passengers, including the driver, to ride comfortably. The second and third rows of seats are adjustable and can be removed entirely, if necessary. Each of the second and third rows has a 65/35 split, and each part can be removed individually. The fourth row is not adjustable but does have a 50/50 split. Nissan reported that there are over 300 different seating configurations available within the passenger van.

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