1995 Oldsmobile Ciera

  • 1995 Oldsmobile Ciera SL Sedan

    SL Sedan

    • MAX MPG
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    • ENGINE
      2.2L I4
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1995 Oldsmobile Ciera Review

Conservative, but a bang for the buck.

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The 1995 Oldsmobile Ciera is a midsize car manufactured by General Motors under its Oldsmobile division. The car is Oldsmobile’s bestselling model, and has been more successful than the more aerodynamic Cutlass Supreme because of its utility and image as a complete family car.

The Range

Body Styles: four-door sedan, four-door station wagon
Engines: 2.2-liter I-4, 3.1-liter V-6
Transmissions: four-speed automatic, three-speed automatic
Models: Oldsmobile Ciera SL

What's New

The 1995 Oldsmobile Ciera will be offered in only a single trim level for this year. Moreover, the cassette player and rear defroster have been made standard features. A new shift interlock system has been fitted and requires the brake pedal to be pressed before releasing the car from its park position.


The 1995 Oldsmobile Ciera has a predominantly boxy shape, which is a stark contrast to its relative, the Cutlass Supreme. The car has a wheelbase of 104.9 inches, while the overall length is 190.3 inches. The car has a total height of 54.1 inches and a width of 69.5 inches.


The interior of the car is quite spacious, with enough room for the average family of four. Headroom and legroom are available aplenty, and cargo space is not a problem either. The overall quality of the interior is good for a family car.

Performance & Handling

The base model of the Cutlass Ciera is fitted with a 2.2-liter, straight-four engine under the hood. This engine delivers 120 horsepower and 130 lb-ft of torque. Higher end models of the 1995 Oldsmobile Ciera come with a 3.1-liter OHV V-6 engine that delivers 160 horsepower and 185 lb-ft of torque. The four-cylinder engines seem fine on paper, but the Cutlass Ciera is so heavy that the straight-four engine struggles to provide the necessary acceleration.

Fuel economy is exceptional, but without enough power, the car performs rather badly. On the other hand, the V-6 engines are more refined than the straight-four engines. They provide more than enough acceleration off the line and for highway passing.

In terms of suspension, the 1995 Oldsmobile Ciera has a softer suspension than its direct competitors: the Buick Regal and Ford Taurus. As a result, the ride is softer, but the car fails to absorb rough roads properly. Moreover, the car does not corner as well as the Honda Accord and Toyota Camry. Nevertheless, the 1995 Oldsmobile Ciera does prove to be a quiet and pleasant family car.


The National Highway Traffic Safety Administration had performed frontal impact collision tests on the 1995 Oldsmobile Ciera. The car received four out of a possible five stars in terms of both driver and passenger safety.

EPA Fuel Economy

Oldsmobile Ciera, 3.1-liter V-6, automatic transmission: 17/26 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Solid construction and good value for money
  • Powerful V-6 engine option
  • Lots of cargo and passenger space
  • Quiet ride

You Won't Like

  • Poor acceleration with the straight-four engine
  • Poor ride quality

Sum Up

Conservative, but a bang for the buck.

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