Pontiac Montana

There is no question that the early 1990s saw a great deal of change in the car-manufacturing industry. New technologies made all aspects of manufacturing simpler, and it was only a matter of time before leaders started making changes to compete in the automotive industry.

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Pontiac Montana Origins

Pontiac continued to be a leader among the American car makers under its own name and later as part of the GM family. Like so many other automotive companies, Pontiac experienced hard economic times in 2008 and was forced to stop production. Even so, the company still offered some of the most popular car and vehicle lines, including the Montana, which represented Pontiac's entrance into the 1990s minivan boom.

About the Pontiac Montana

The need for additional cargo and passenger space is one of the biggest reasons consumers began to demand larger vehicles. The Montana was Pontiac’s answer to the need for more room. This minivan was made from the 1999 to the 2005 model years. This model is known for its beginnings as Trans Sport SUV. The Trans Sport actually showcased a Montana trim level before the minivan was first produced as its own model in 1999.

Like most vehicles of its class, the Montana is known to be a good choice for families, and in some cases, these vans were used by companies for service or delivery vehicles. The three rows of seats and cargo space offer a great deal of appeal to many of the Montana’s fans. Throughout nine years of production, Pontiac made every attempt to ensure the Montana was designed with a modern, sleek body style and plenty of comfort and amenities in the cabin. The various trim levels offered for this minivan ensured each buyer could customize the van to meet his or her specific needs.

Pontiac Montana Features

Pontiac chose to offer the Montana for the last time in the 2005 model year. As with previous models, a great deal of thought and engineering went into these vans. With the 2005 model year edition, buyers found the minivan equipped with some new options. For example, the 2005 Montana was offered in two new body colors. For the first time, buyers could choose from dark-blue metallic and Sedona-beige metallic in addition to the previously offered color choices.

Another new change to the Montana in 2005 was its front-wheel drive. The Montana had no options in this regard, and all of them were equipped with front-wheel drive. It’s important to note that the 2005 Montana also had an extended wheel base.

The Montana for this year had no real problems under the hood in terms of power. These minivans were equipped with a very nice 3.4-liter V-6 engine capable of 185 hp and a four-speed automatic overdrive transmission.

Comfort wasn’t a problem for the 2005 model of the Montana either. It was equipped with air-conditioning, power locks and windows, and power seats. Leather upholstery was offered as an option as well.

Pontiac Montana Evolution

Considering the Montana’s relatively short lifespan, there isn’t much difference from one version to the next. Pontiac set out to make an effective minivan, and it succeeded with the design. Those looking for a used or earlier version of the Montana are best served to find one in good condition and with a good maintenance record.

1999 was the first year the Montana was offered and was designed much like the Trans Sport. The body style of the first Montana was very sporty and looked much like a combination of minivan and SUV. For this reason, it was popular with people with outdoor lifestyles and families. This model also featured unique handling packages and color choices.

Later versions of the Montana were equally impressive and popular. The 2003 model, for example, offered a variety of new color choices. Buyers could choose this model with new paint in an Olympic white color. This particular year also marked the introduction of the extended wheel base and the option of the split folding second seat in the cabin. Overall, the reviews for the Montana are favorable. Safety features and ratings are generally good for these minivans, and it typically receives adequate reviews in test drives as well.

Select a Pontiac Montana Year

2006 Pontiac Montana


2005 Pontiac Montana


The 2005 Pontiac Montana is an attractive minivan that is often considered the perfect family vehicle.

2004 Pontiac Montana


The 2004 Pontiac Montana minivan comes with a smooth-shifting automatic transmission and an energetic engine that has not changed over the years.

2003 Pontiac Montana


The 2003 Pontiac Montana minivan is a reasonably powerful, feature-laden, and comfortable minivan.

2002 Pontiac Montana


2001 Pontiac Montana


The successor to the Pontiac Trans Sport and a roomy minivan with plenty of passenger space and decent power, the 2001 Pontiac Montana provides a quality family vehicle that can easily take a large group on an outing or get the team to a weekend sporting event without a hitch.

2000 Pontiac Montana


The 2000 Pontiac Montana was given its nameplate in 1999.

1999 Pontiac Montana


The Pontiac Montana was formerly known as the Trans Sport.