Rolls Royce Silver Dawn

One cannot speak about the Rolls Royce Silver Dawn without thinking about exceptional British design and style. Rolls Royce has been offering amazing cars for the last 100 years and the Silver Dawn is no exception. As with other cars made by Rolls Royce, the Silver Dawn weighs in at a heavy 4145 pounds and offers decent fuel efficiency. However, one does not buy a car like the Silver Dawn to save money on gas. It is instead a status symbol and even a collector’s item.

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Rolls Royce Silver Dawn Origins

Like so many of the world’s famous automotive manufacturers, the story of how Rolls Royce came to be is quite interesting. From what we know, this well-known British car making company started out over a business lunch. Henry Edmunds invited Sir Henry Royce, who possessed a passion for engineering, and Charles Rolls with an engineering education and passion for car racing. When the two met, they quickly formed a partnership, which they formalized in December 1904.

Even before Charles Rolls’ death in 1910, Rolls Royce became well-known for creating high-quality two-, four-, and six-cylinder automobiles that many thought far beyond the quality and workmanship of their competitors. Rolls Royce produced the Rolls Royce Silver Dawn from 1949 to 1955, making a total of 761 units of this model. It has the first exhaust manifold made by Rolls Royce for this engine.

The Rolls Royce company continues to offer the world fine examples of excellent car workmanship in all of its lines. The Silver Dawn provides one example of the cars this company designs to meet the needs and desires of car connoisseurs and enthusiasts.

Rolls Royce Silver Dawn Features

The exclusive Rolls Royce Silver Dawn has an exquisite, steel body. It contains a 4.3-liter I6 engine or a 4.6-liter I6. Buyers can choose from a four-speed manual or a four-speed automatic transmission. It reaches a top speed of 95 mph and accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 15.2 seconds. The Silver Dawn comes as a sedan or a convertible.

Rolls Royce Silver Dawn Evolution

Naturally, very old Silver Dawn cars still exist, most likely as part of someone’s collection. The brand made very few changes to the Rolls Royce Silver Dawn during its six years of production. However, all Silver Dawn models offer a comfortable and spacious interior cabin that provides plenty of headroom and legroom for the driver and passengers. The car also earns praise for its amazing driving style, especially considering its large size. The elegant exterior design provides something to see.

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1995 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn

Luxury, Sedan

The 1995 Rolls Royce Silver Dawn is a four-door luxury sedan that will soon be a classic.