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While many famous automakers in the U.S. trace their roots to buggy and industrial plants, many manufacturers in Europe got their starts as part of World War II production efforts. Saab is one of the companies called into action during the war period. The Saab Motor Company was founded in 1938 in Trollhattan, Sweden, with its initial purpose being to manufacture airplane bombers and fighters. In the first few years of production, Saab produced airplanes based on the American and German aircraft designs. It wasn’t long before the Saab 17, a Swedish designed plane, joined the fight.

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Saab 9-3 Griffin Origins

After the war, Saab executives took their engineering expertise in a new direction. Eventually, the company would focus on making small, affordable cars for an under-served market in Europe. The manufacturing of the Saab 92 started in December 1949, and 700 cars were made. This car was most noted for the passenger cage Saab designed, which was one of the first safety features added to a car.

Saab continued with this tradition of reliability and has since offered the world a variety of vehicles to choose from, including the 9-3 Griffin.

About the Saab 9-3 Griffin

Even as early as its airplane-crafting days, Saab was known for providing exceptional mechanics and technology to its clients. That tradition didn’t change when the company focused on automobiles. All Saab cars were subjected to rigorous testing before even being released to industry safety exams and test drives. The 9-3 Griffin is no exception. The 9-3 series was a part of the Saab family for several model years and recently underwent a transformation to the Griffin level.

For those who appreciate Saab’s work, the 9-3 Griffin is well known for its classic, clean exterior with plenty of class and comfort inside. While Saab doesn’t offer a huge number of trim levels, the company works hard to provide sufficient options for the buyer. One of the biggest draws for the Saab 9-3 Griffin, according to many industry experts, is its reasonable fuel economy.

Saab 9-3 Griffin Features

Saab decided to offer the 9-3 Griffin as part of its 2012 model year lineup along with such attention grabbers as the new 9-5 and 9-4X. To keep things fresh, the Saab made some changes to the 9-3 Griffin intended get the attention of buyers looking for a smart, attractive option in the compact-car class.

One of the first changes made was to the car’s engine. Saab chose to use the improved 2.0-liter turbocharged motor from the new 9-5 model in the 9-3. This change offers more power than before, and the engine is capable of 220 hp and provides 258 lb-ft of torque. This also features front-wheel drive and a manual six-speed transmission standard. Buyers will be given the option of choosing a six-speed automatic transmission as well.

Saab made every attempt to make the new 2012 9-3 Griffin impressive and comfortable on the inside as well. This model offers an updated instrument panel designed to make it easier for the driver to see and use. The doors, glove compartment, and steering column are treated to a metallic looking trim for a newer, modern look.

Saab 9-3 Griffin Evolution

While the Saab 9-3 series was offered for several model years, the Griffin range was only added for the 2012 model year. As such, the past versions of the 9-3 do not have the Griffin name or badge. These cars served as a strong starting point for the 2012 Griffin model, but the Griffin has certain unique characteristics and a style all its own.

Past versions of the Saab 9-3 are equipped with a 2.0-liter, four-cylinder engine capable of 210 hp. It’s true that industry leaders in the past have found this motor somewhat lacking compared to the power and precision found in some of the 9-3’s competition.

The interior of these cars from the 2000s model years haven’t excited reviewers either. Many feel the interior is uninspired and lacks comfort. Some have cited that the materials used could be better quality. The wagon body style option has some benefits. This model offers a great deal of cargo space and improved handling and steering over the other model options. Buyers looking specifically for a used Saab 9-3 series car are advised to seek out a car that’s been well cared for.

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