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2006 Saab 9-3

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2006 Saab 9-3 Review

A diverse model that suits different drivers’ personalities.

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The 2006 Saab 9-3 is sporty but stylish and runs nicely on the road. The body styles of this model include the two-door convertible, four-door wagon, and four-door sedan.

The Range

Body Styles: two-door convertible, four-door wagon, four-door sedan
Engines: two-liter four-cylinder, 2.8-liter V-6
Transmissions: five-speed manual, six-speed transmission
Models: Saab 9-3 2.9T, Saab 9-3 Aero

What's New

The Saab 9-3 added a four-door wagon to the line-up for the 2006 model year. The V-6 gets an upgrade to 250 horsepower with 258 lb-ft of torque.


The 2006 Saab 9-3’s exterior includes front fog lights and halogen bulb lights. The car is 182.5 inches in length, 69 inches in width, and 56.8 inches in height.


The 2006 Saab 9-3 features power door locks, cruise control, adjustable headrests, and a leather-trimmed steering wheel. On the inside of this car, the buttons and switches are easily accessible to the driver and the warning gauges are on top of the dashboard. It has a large glove compartment, and the wood trim looks beautiful. The door handles have a chrome finish as well as the steering wheel. The cargo space is 14.8 feet, and the seats are foldable. The interior also includes a cabin air filter and carpet floor mats. It also includes an illuminated glove compartment.

Performance & Handling

The 2006 Saab 9-3 also has a two-liter, four-cylinder engine with 210 horsepower. The standard transmission is five-speed manual, but drivers can also get a six-speed automatic transmission. The 2006 Saab 9-3 has an excellent engine and torque power and has good gas mileage. However, it doesn’t drive well on bumpy roads and the audio player doesn’t offer the best sound. The steering wheel allows for a tight grip while driving. Overall, the driving is smooth and the transmission works well. Occasionally, the self-locking doors disengage, and there are occasional electrical problems. There is also minimal turbo lag with this car. The horsepower of 260 is more than enough to keep the 2006 Saab 9-3 quick. The keys may need to be reprogrammed from time and some customers complained about the tires. The seats in the 2006 Saab 9-3 also make for good ergonomics based on customer reviews, and other drivers mentioned that they weren’t seated too far from the steering wheel.


The 2006 Saab 9-3 includes airbags, child seat anchors, side airbags, traction control, head restraint, and child safety locks. The 2006 Saab 9-3 received favorable ratings on crash tests, and drivers were impressed with the safety features. Another important safety feature is the anti-lock brake system, and drivers will also get anti-theft protection when they purchase the 2006 Saab 9-3. With these safety features, consumers can drive knowing that the car they're in will be safe for them and their family. Families with children who purchased the 2006 Saab 9-3 said that they were impressed with the child safety locks and side airbags because of the protection they provided.

EPA Fuel Economy

Saab 9-3 2.0T: 20/28 mpg city/highway
Saab 9-3 Aero: 16/26 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Good fuel economy
  • Look of exterior and interior features
  • Safety features
  • Durability
  • Comfort
  • Decent cargo and trunk space

You Won't Like

  • Hard to drive on bumpy roads and in snow
  • Occasional trouble with transmission
  • Not enough extra amenities
  • Size of gas tank
  • Occasional problems with headlights

Sum Up

A diverse model that suits different drivers’ personalities.

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