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Like many of the world’s well-known automotive companies, Saturn has an interesting and unique history. In 1982, the VP of GM’s advanced engineering staff called a meeting of some of his most skilled engineers. The purpose was to work on a new and innovative compact-car project. Within a month, the project was named ""Saturn"" in honor of the Saturn spacecraft. The hope was the new Saturn from GM could compete in the small car race with top Japanese automakers.

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Saturn Outlook Origins

In 1985, Saturn became a subsidiary of GM and was named the Saturn Corporation. While still working closely with GM, especially until its first plant was completed, Saturn finally started creating the concepts that would lead to the company’s first line of cars for the American public.

Saturn quickly became known for changing the way automakers made and sold cars. From its beginning, the Saturn Corporation appealed to the American consumer in a way few companies have. The automaker continued to offer popular cars and vehicles to the consumer until 2008. Among the many popular options, the Outlook SUV line has done well.

About the Saturn Outlook

Like most of Saturn’s vehicles, the Outlook was well known for its dependable construction, good looks, and reliable performance. These SUVs provided everything most consumers need in this type of vehicle. The Outlook offered standard seating for eight, as well as plenty of cargo space. The Outlook is known as a crossover vehicle that drives and handles more like a car or minivan than a truck.

The interior of the Outlook certainly helped to get the series some initial attention. In order to appeal to families and consumers that needed the capabilities of an SUV for their activities and travel, Saturn had to make the Outlook comfortable. Depending on the trim level, interested buyers had several options available in terms of the interior of the Outlook. Saturn offered options in the seats, such as split-bench choices, as well as options for color schemes. In addition to the attractive design, the Outlook could be customized to meet the needs of the individual buyer relatively easily.

Saturn Outlook Features

The 2009 model year was the last for the Saturn Outlook, as was the case with all of Saturn's automobiles. Production on all Saturn cars and vehicles stopped due to the decision GM made to close its Saturn division in the wake of the financial recession of 2008. The final year for the Outlook noted a number of changes to the SUV, including a more powerful engine and torque capacity.

Under the hood, the Outlook is more impressive than it was in past years thanks to the larger 3.6-liter V-6 engine. The motor is rated at 281 hp with 266 ft-lb of torque. On both trim levels, a six-speed automatic transmission is available standard. The Outlook was available with front-wheel- and all-wheel-drive options. In addition to the power under the hood, the Outlook was made to be able to tow up to 4,500 pounds.

Like most SUVs, the Outlook was designed to provide as much comfort as possible. The eight available seats are all made to be cushy and comfortable. Industry leaders noted that most of the materials used in the interior are of more than adequate quality and produce an attractive look. The third-row seat wasn’t as large as those in comparable minivans, but is sufficient for most families.

Saturn Outlook Evolution

The Outlook was one of the last new types of vehicles Saturn produced before its end in 2008. It was introduced in the 2007 model year and was well received for its car-like handling, spacious interior and cargo areas, and stylish appearance. In the 2007 model year, the Outlook was offered in two distinct trim levels: the base XE and the luxurious XR trim level. Both options were equipped with 3.6-liter V-6 engine and plenty of power to keep the Outlook moving smoothly on highways and in the city.

The Saturn Outlook also made an appearance in the 2008 model year as well. This model wasn’t much different from its earlier incarnation except for a few features added to the list of options, including satellite radio as a standard feature. Buyers could also choose to add a rear-view back-up camera and console, and a 115-volt power outlet. Most industry experts suggest the Outlook as a used car purchase for buyers looking for a reliable SUV.

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2009 Saturn Outlook

SUV, Utility/Offroad

2008 Saturn Outlook

SUV, Utility/Offroad

The Saturn Outlook was introduced in the 2007 model year as part of Saturn’s desire to change the perception of the company.

2007 Saturn Outlook

SUV, Utility/Offroad

Saturn jumps into the big SUV market with the all-new 2007 Saturn Outlook.