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Unlike so many of the other car makers, Scion is a relative newcomer to the U.S. market. As a division of Toyota, Scion is the major Japanese company’s division specifically for the American car buying market since 2003. This company was founded on some rather unique ideas and policies, making it one of the first of its kind. Toyota saw the benefits of using a customer-inspired sales approach and paid attention to client feedback. This feedback was used to set up the company’s approach to sales and service.

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Scion iQ Origins

Scion dealers give clients positive attention while they're on the sales floor. This means no high pressure sales, condescending attitudes, and over the top sales techniques. The company also has a policy of Pure Price. This means that the price marked on the vehicle includes the vehicle, financing fees, insurance products, and accessories. This approach has been incredibly popular with the younger markets, with many young professionals lacking the time or patience to deal with lengthy sales pitches and negotiations.

Scion has a few models available for sale in the U.S. including the iQ series.

About the Scion iQ

While new for the 2012 model year, the Scion iQ is quickly becoming well known for its unique styling and specific buyer target. These cars are very small and intended for those that live in congested urban areas. At just about 10 feet long, the iQ fits easily into crowded streets and parking situations. The idea behind the design is to appeal to young professionals looking for an economical car solution for their busy lives and for a car easily adapted to city living. The engineers at Scion did an excellent job creating the ideal urban living vehicle.

The Scion iQ isn’t going to be well known for its power. This little car has other things than a powerful powertrain in mind. It is designed to offer its owner not only a reasonable sales price, but low prices at the pump. Its smaller powertrain ensures a very respectable fuel economy of 36/37 mpg city/highway.

The iQ also features a unique body style. It might be small, but it still packs quite a wallop when it comes to looks. This car offers a boxy, yet sleek design with plenty of style to appeal to the young generation. It’s important to note that the iQ only seats two comfortably.

Scion iQ Features

The compact iQ is designed for modern, city living and is likely to be a poor choice for those living in suburban or rural areas. It’s important not to expect a great deal of power from this model; however, it does offer plenty of style and options for the money. Like other offerings from Scion, the iQ is available with over 40 different options.

The Scion iQ is only available in one trim level. Buyers will find this car equipped with a 1.3-liter inline four-cylinder engine capable of 94 hp. As noted, this car isn’t designed for a great deal of speed but for fuel economy and reliable transportation. Before any optional additions are made, the iQ is equipped with 11 airbags, 16-inch steel wheels, a four-speaker sound system with CD player, and leather-covered tilt steering wheel complete with audio controls.

The interior of the Scion iQ was designed to be as attractive and eye-catching as the exterior. Despite its small size, every effort was made to offer as much interior space as possible. The iQ seats two most comfortably, but there is space in the backseat for one more to ride easily. The interior also boasts plush seats and plenty of amenities for a pleasant drive.

Select a Scion iQ Year

2015 Scion iQ

Compact, Hatchback

2014 Scion iQ

Compact, Hatchback

2013 Scion iQ

Compact, Hatchback

The 2013 Scion iQ is a sub-compact mini-car with lots of personality and fun included.

2012 Scion iQ

Compact, Hatchback

The Scion iQ fits a big car into a very small package.