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Evolution is an important part of any industry. In order to grow and keep up with changing times, it’s essential for any company to heed the ever-changing desires of their customers. That was the very motivation behind Toyota's launch of the Scion brand, a relatively new company that sells exclusively within the American market. Established in 2002, the Scion name and family line of cars has quickly garnered a great deal of attention from consumers and car experts.

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Scion xD Origins

Toyota spotted a need in the North American market for a car company devoted to the younger, professional, tech-savvy generation. The upstart Scion brand also gives clients a never-before-seen number of options for customizing their cars. Thanks to this new attitude in automotive sales, Scion is enjoying a successful beginning.

Among the various models offered by Scion, the xD series is a popular choice. It was released for sales in the U.S. in 2008 and quickly earned a respectable reputation among industry experts and the car’s first owners.

About the Scion xD

Like most offerings from Scion, the xD provides Toyota-quality mechanics, a unique and attractive body style, and a decent powertrain for the car’s size. The xD was released to replace Scion’s xA model. The xA didn’t catch on with consumers to the degree that Scion had hoped for, and the company chose to scrap the car and created the somewhat similar xD model. This hatchback has become popular thanks to its solid performance and unique appearance.

Like other models from Scion, buyers have come to expect plenty of standard features that most other carmakers only offer as options. On the other hand, the xD does not have a whole slew of factory extras available. With the xD, buyers can also choose to ask about dealership-installed options. Those options typically involve upgrading or adding to the factory-standard audio equipment, Bluetooth capabilities, and iPod docking station. Satellite radio and other entertainment extras are offered as well. These available features are all rooted in Scion’s dedication to its younger client base.

Scion xD Features

For the 2012 model year, Scion released a new xD model. The new xD is similar to its earlier incarnations, but has additional technological options. The car retains its four-door, hatchback body style and is offered in two trim levels: the base and the Release Series 4.0.

The base trim level of the xD is equipped with an impressive audio system that includes Bluetooth phone capabilities, streaming audio, and a six-speaker Pioneer sound system with a CD player. This model features 16-inch steel wheels, full power accessories, and air-conditioning. The buyer has the option of looking over the dealer-installed options as well.

The 4.0 Series Release model of the xD adds 16-inch alloy wheels, a 1.8-liter four-cylinder engine, and a choice of either a five-speed manual or four-speed automatic transmission. It's also worth nothing that, due to limited release, Scion has opted to only offer the 4.0 Series Release in its Blizzard Pearl, an off-white color. The interior is designed to match the unique exterior color, and the steering wheel, console, and door panels all match. This car also features unique upholstery with white stitching to complete the look. Interested buyers should know that Scion is releasing only 800 of this particular model.

Scion xD Evolution

Scion first offered the xD series in 2008. There hasn’t been a great deal of change since the car’s introduction, with the exception of additional technological gadgets and capabilities thrown into the mix. These cars go a long way in ensuring its owners are fully ready for the modern world with plenty of entertainment and information amenities available.

The past versions of the xD have a unique body style with the hood and front end having a rather snub-nosed appearance. Under the hood, the early xD included a 1.8-liter, four-cylinder motor. While there is no alternate engine choice available, buyers can choose between the standard five-speed manual or the optional four-speed automatic transmission. Together, the powertrain for the xD is more than adequate for the car’s size and performance needs.

Scion equipped the xD with plenty of standards, such as full-power accessories, keyless entry, and air-conditioning. These cars have cruise control functions and anti-lock brakes as well. The dealer-installed options include more than 40 choices, such as a larger braking system, bigger tires and wheels, and a carbon-fiber engine.

Select a Scion xD Year

2014 Scion xD

Compact, Hatchback

2013 Scion xD

Compact, Hatchback

There is no doubt the xD hatchback from Scion has some strong selling points.

2012 Scion xD

Compact, Hatchback

The aging xD is unchanged for 2012. It comes with turn signals integrated into the side mirrors. Toyota Racing Development and dealer-installed accessories like a sport muffler, rear anti-roll bar, and performance shocks are available.

2011 Scion xD

Compact, Hatchback

The 2011 Scion xD is a five-door subcompact hatchback that is manufactured by Toyota in its Japanese factory and marketed in the U.

2010 Scion xD

Compact, Hatchback

The 2010 Scion xD receives two new audio systems. The base stereo is now a 160-watt, six-speaker Pioneer unit with satellite radio support and a USB input. The optional Alpine unit keeps the six speakers and 160-watt amp, but receives a 4.3-inch touch screen, HD radio support, and multiple RCA outputs.

2009 Scion xD

Compact, Hatchback

2008 Scion xD

Compact, Hatchback

The 2008 Scion xD has that recognizable and distinctive Scion styling that consumers will either love or hate.