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2012 Suzuki Equator

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2012 Suzuki Equator Review

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For the serious truck buyer, options are important. The 2012 Suzuki Equator series is a good place to start. This midsize truck is available in regular, crew, and extended cab body styles. It also has several unique trim levels to choose from, including the versatile Sport edition and RMZ-4. The Equator has several engine options as well, including a light weight four-cylinder and V-6 options.

The 2012 Suzuki Equator offers plenty of peace of mind in terms of dependability and longevity. This truck is well made and offers solid construction missing from some of its competitors. Its reasonable pricing certainly doesn’t hurt either. The auto industry is also buzzing about the Equator’s comfortable handling and impressive safety features. With its slightly revised body design, it looks exactly how a truck should look, with strong styling and lots of attractive features. The Equator would be a good choice for anyone looking for an attractive truck with lots of features and plenty of dependability.

New For 2012

There was only one change of note for the 2012 model year on the Suzuki Equator:

  • Stability control standard on all trim levels and body styles


When it comes to the 2012 Suzuki Equator, consumers can be assured of plenty of choices. This solid looking midsize truck is available in a wide range of trim levels and body styles. Along with the standard regular cab design, this model is also available in extended and crew cab body styles. Each of the body styles also features several distinctive trim levels, giving the buyer even more options to choose from. The Equator can be had as a basic work truck or upgraded to give the driver a more luxurious experience. The unique Sport trim level offers a shorter bed but adds rear or four-wheel-drive options.

Every member of the Suzuki Equator family has a strong looking front end complete with a wide, assertive grille. The Suzuki logo is placed in the center of the grille and large, square headlights flank it as well. The bumpers are either painted to match the rest of the truck’s body or chrome depending on the chosen trim level.

Interior & Cargo

The 2012 Suzuki Equator is equipped with a relatively standard cabin. In the crew and extended cab versions, the rear seats are a bit cramped, much like in other comparable models. The front seats are very comfortable, especially for a compact or midsize truck option. Regardless of the trim level, the cabin is well designed and features intuitive controls and a user friendly design.

In terms of cargo space, the Equator offers several bed lengths depending on the model. The RMZ-4 model offers a short bed, while the other trim levels and body styles are available with either a five or six-foot bed.


Like many of the other features, the various trim levels offered on the 2012 Suzuki Equator have different safety features. The buyer can expect all of them to have stability control, anti-lock brakes, front side airbags, and side curtain airbags. The four-cylinder Sport, V-6 long bed, and RMZ-4 models are equipped with descent control and hill hold features. Additionally, the V-6 models also have traction control as a standard feature. While the Suzuki Equator did well in both government and private safety testing, the brake pedal was reported to be soft and didn’t inspire a great deal of confidence in most test drivers.

Driving Experience

Overall, the Suzuki Equator is a good, comfortable ride in any of the available body styles and trims. When choosing one of these trucks, it’s important to consider the driver’s individual needs. For example, for the driver who wants plenty of off road time, the Equator RMZ-4 is the best choice. This model is equipped with a good suspension for making almost any off road opportunity a good one to take on. This model is a bit too much for lots of on road driving though.

Light work is easy with the four-cylinder models. The ride is comfortable and sure to make the work day easier. Most drivers seem to be most impressed with the V-6 engine models or the Sport edition. Both of these trucks are more than capable of taking care of basic truck needs and are equipped with a usable suspension and lots of comfort in the cabin.

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