Suzuki Reno

There are automotive companies that started out as carriage or buggy companies, heavy industrial plants, and military factories. But only one company can say it started out as a spinning loom plant. Suzuki is a Japanese-based company, which at one time was the leading producer of spinning looms for the textile industry in the region. Soon after, the company began to design and produce motorcycles. As it turns out, motorcycles are a great option for the average Japanese citizen working in the congested cities; it's affordable to buy and maintain.

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Suzuki Reno Origins

Suzuki quickly became known for its high-quality motorcycles, and its reputation went global when the company’s designs won awards and motocross races all over the world. The company experienced a high demand for its specialty bikes and Suzuki products appeared in many new markets. Following the success of the motorcycles, the company chose to branch out into designing and engineering other types of vehicles including cars. Motorcycles are still a huge part of the Suzuki tradition, but its lines of cars, including the Reno, are a viable part of the American market.

About the Suzuki Reno

The Suzuki Reno is a compact car designed to meet every day travel needs at an affordable price. There are several positive things to be said about the Reno. This car features a very attractive and stylish exterior body style and was designed to appeal to the younger generation of car buyers. Its hatchback design ensured plenty of cargo space and convenience for such a small car. Interior cabin space was impressive for a car of this class as well. Most passengers can fit comfortably, even in the back seat. Suzuki enthusiasts are sure to notice that the Reno is essentially an updated Forenza wagon.

While the Reno was well known for its attractive body, spacious interior, and cargo spaces, a few things weren't so desirable about this model.

Performance wasn’t high on the list with the Reno. As a matter of fact, this car quickly became well known for falling behind the competition in every aspect relating to performance and driving feel. Strangely enough, the fuel economy for the Reno was less efficient than its competition.

Still, the Suzuki Reno was popular with Suzuki enthusiasts and ordinary consumers, and did offer a great deal in terms of comfort and reliability to the average driver.

Suzuki Reno Features

The 2008 model year was the last time the short-lived Reno was released new from Suzuki. This model debuted in the 2005 model year and experienced a short production life. The final edition of the car was very much like its few predecessors.

Under the hood, Suzuki chose to furnish this car with a 2.0-liter four-cylinder engine capable of 127 hp. As noted, this engine didn’t do much for the car’s performance including acceleration and comfortable driving. The motor was also responsible for a great deal of outside noise reaching the cabin. Many industry experts felt a change in the Reno’s engine would have made a huge difference in the car’s overall performance.

While not horrible, the interior of the 2008 Suzuki Reno didn’t offer much either; the cabin was equipped with cheap materials. Many of the panels didn’t match or fit correctly in their places, creating an untidy and unpleasant feel inside the vehicle.

Suzuki did offer the Reno at an affordable price, and the car was capable of taking care of the basic transportation needs in terms of commuting and running every day errands. Many industry leaders felt it fell flat in any other department, however.

Suzuki Reno Evolution

As noted, the Suzuki Reno experienced a relatively short production life and was only offered from the 2005 to the 2008 model years. These cars didn’t do well when compared to other compact hatchbacks of the time. While the price was affordable, it didn’t offer much else to appeal to the car buying masses.

The few model years showed little changes from year to year. In the 2006 model year, Suzuki added a new cloth option for the seats and the leather-wrapped tilted steering wheel. During the 2007 model year, the Reno upgraded to a tire pressure monitoring system, which was added to all available trim levels. In 2008, the Reno was equipped with a smaller audio system with fewer speakers than in previous models.

On the plus side, the Reno did have a few things going for it that might make it interesting to the used car buyer. It offered cruise control, keyless entry, and leather seat options. For some, these extras are enough to bring the Reno into focus.

Select a Suzuki Reno Year

2008 Suzuki Reno

Compact, Hatchback

If there is one thing that Suzuki does not do very well, it is economy vehicles.

2007 Suzuki Reno

Compact, Hatchback

For the money, the 2007 Suzuki Reno offers a good price with plenty of extras.

2006 Suzuki Reno

Compact, Hatchback

2005 Suzuki Reno

Compact, Hatchback

General Motors introduces the Suzuki Reno for 2005 as a four-door sedan/hatchback, designed to capture the attention of young drivers with its curvy outer lines and extensive inside features.