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A brand offering full-electric cars that have captured the attention of luxury buyers, Tesla is helping increase awareness of EVs, with the large Model S hatchback, three-row Model X crossover, and upcoming Model 3 that will carry a base price below $40,000.

Least Expensive: The Tesla Model 3 is aimed at competitors such as the Chevrolet Bolt and Nissan Leaf. However, unlike those other cars, the Tesla Model 3 is a more design-focused automobile, not only providing a capable electric car, but one that looks good as well, with a starting price below $40,000.

Sportiest: The Tesla Model S P100D is an electric supercar-killer, with a 0-60 mph time in about 2.5 seconds, or quick enough to out-accelerate almost everything on the road.

Popular: The Model S is Tesla's most popular and iconic automobile, expanding the company's reach throughout the world..

Most Expensive: The Tesla Model X in P100D form has a $135,000 starting price, before options.

Luxury Utility
93 / Hwy 99 / City
124 / Hwy 138 / City
132 / Hwy 148 / City
107 / Hwy 115 / City

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