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2012 Tesla Model S

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2012 Tesla Model S Review

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The 2012 Tesla Model S brought about increased hype as the pre-sales and slower than planned production continued to impact its Fall 2012 release. Tesla recently announced the installation of Supercharged charging stations in a variety of high-traffic regions to combat the numerous issues surrounding the shipment of the Model S. For those anxiously awaiting their Tesla-built electric vehicle, the patience may have paid off. The Model S is one of the first luxury sedans built in Southern California; it comes with three battery options, an athletic design by Franz von Holzhausen, and a very high price tag to match. If saving the planet in a spacious and world-class vehicle is a high-priority, the 2012 Tesla Model S can help you achieve all of your goals – on and off the road.

New For 2012

Drivers can expect a wide variety of eco-perks and impressive styling with the 2012 Tesla Model S, including:

  • Reliable performance with a 50/50 body weight distribution and low center of gravity
  • Three automotive-grade lithium-ion battery cell options that double as a safety feature, thanks to the constant temperature restraints
  • 17-inch interior touch screen that powers all Wi-Fi or mobile systems
  • Available in Model S or Model S Signature


The Tesla Model is a revolutionary electronic vehicle with a lightweight aluminum body that reaches 196 inches in length. From the keyless entry to the rain-sensing adjustable windshield wipers, there are plenty of bells and whistles to enjoy. Standard 19-inch aluminum wheels with all-season Goodyear Eagle tires are present in addition to Halogen headlights, backlight turn signals, and a sleek body styling that mirrors the state-of-the-art technology powering the four-door sedan. Color is key when determining what Model S will fit into your lifestyle and budget. The Model S and Model S Performance are available in solid and metallic shades, including black, white, silver, blue, green, grey, and brown. Moving up to the Signature or Signature Performance models grants access to the ""Signature Red"" shade and a gleaming Pearl White. The 2012 Tesla Model S also boasts three roof options, including the All-Glass Panoramic Roof that mimics the feel of a convertible.

Interior & Cargo

The interior appointments may leave you wanting more from the 2012 Tesla Model S, but there are still plenty of highlights to enjoy. Nappa leather with Alcantara booster, contrast piping, and 12-way adjustable power seating are standard on the Model S Performance, Signature, or Signature Performance, and optional on the Model S. There is never a lack of color choices inside the Tesla, with three leather shades to select from and four or five decor accent hues depending on the model you select. The 17-inch standard touchscreen steals the thunder when the optional Tech Package is added. It features a navigation system and high definition back-up camera. Other options, ranging from the Sound Studio Package to the rear facing seats, provide customizable options for a nominal fee.


The Tesla Model S claims that its battery is one source of safety due to its automatic disconnect function, which activates in the event of a crash. In addition, drivers can take comfort in the eight airbags positioned throughout the cabin along with the standard traction and stability control.

Driving Experience

The driving experience when behind the wheel of a Tesla Model S is unlike that of any car you will find. That is, if you can get your hands on one. Once production came to a halt – and plenty of drivers removed their down payments – Tesla continued to face challenges despite their optimistic and continued eco-friendly outlook.

The Tesla Model S Performance accelerates from zero to 60 mph in 4.4 seconds for those craving speed as much as a lower carbon footprint. The quiet and even eerie silence from one of the three available batteries adds to the peaceful ride. The lower center of gravity ensures you feel most perfections and imperfections of the open road. Telsa’s regenerative braking system also impacts the overall ride and can be a challenging control to maneuver at first. Drivers who are willing to exercise patience with delivery and want to take part in the great Tesla legacy will undoubtedly enjoy and relish the 2012 Model S.

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