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2010 Toyota Avalon Consumer Reviews

XL Sedan

2010 Toyota Avalon Consumer Rating

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2010 Toyota Avalon XL Sedan

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Bottom Line Yes, I would recommend this to a friend


  • Comfortable
  • Lots of Features
  • Smooth Ride
  • Adequate Power


  • Limited Storage Space

You got the promotion you have been waiting for all year. You want to celebrate this victory without looking ostentatious. You know this promotion comes with more traveling and you decide the best way to reward yourself is with a new Toyota. Toyotas have always been your car of choice and now you are ready to move up a notch. You look through automobile magazines. You search online. The name that keeps coming up is the Toyota Avalon. Even the name is alluring. Avalon?the place for apples. But not just any apples. The best of the best. This is it you decide. This is what I want to buy to celebrate my new found success. Why did you make this decision? Is it because it is such a refined and well built automobile? Is it the V6 engine? The engine that will smoothly drive you to all those new places you will visit with that promotion. Is it that the 2010 Avalon has one of the best crash test records? Is it because you know this model may not be around too much longer and you want to be able to say, "Yes, I owned one of the elite Toyotas. What else does it have to offer you? It has a lavish, roomy interior. It gives you great economical driving with the refined ride few other cars can offer. The acceleration is smooth yet powerful. It has dual side climate control, leather upholstery you can sink your tired body into. Of course it also has alloy wheels, heated mirrors and more options than you can possibly image. The Toyota Avalon is your dream car. It is the car you have been working for. It is the car your spouse will love, your children will not spill anything on, and your dog will not shed on. This is your car so do not wait any longer. You know you made your decision so head out to the nearest Toyota dealership and seal the deal. This is how I feel about the Avalon. Have I sold you?

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