Toyota Compact Car Buying Guide

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Toyota Corolla

2019, 2017-1995 | Coupe, Hatchback, Sedan, Wagon

The Toyota Corolla is the top selling vehicle in the Toyota line.

Toyota Corolla iM

2018-2017 | Hatchback

Toyota ECHO

2005-2000 | Coupe, Sedan

Toyota was in need of a small, compact car around the turn of the millennium.

Toyota Matrix

2013-2003 | Wagon

Toyota needed a smart-looking compact car that was cheap for the young buyer yet still had some sort of cool appeal.

Toyota Prius

2002 | Hatchback, Sedan

The Toyota Prius was introduced in the 2001 model year.

Toyota Prius C

2019-2012 | Hatchback

Toyota Tercel

1998-1995 | Coupe, Sedan

The Toyota Tercel had a run of production that spanned three decades.

Toyota Yaris

2019-2007 | Hatchback, Sedan

First introduced in 2007 as the successor to the rather unwieldy looking Echo, the Toyota Yaris is an entry-level subcompact car that the brand previously offered in Europe.

Toyota Yaris iA

2018-2017 | Sedan