Toyota Hybrid Car Buying Guide

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Toyota Avalon

2013 | Sedan

Toyota needed an answer when the Cressida was discontinued in 1992, and soon the company found that the Toyota Avalon was it.

Toyota Avalon Hybrid

2018-2014 | Sedan

Toyota Camry

2016, 2013-2007 | Sedan

The Toyota Camry was originally introduced as a compact car in 1980.

Toyota Camry Hybrid

2019-2014 | Sedan

Toyota Highlander Hybrid

2018-2006 | SUV

The call for more fuel-efficient cars is both an environmental and economic one.

Toyota Prius

2018-2001 | Hatchback, Sedan

The Toyota Prius was introduced in the 2001 model year.

Toyota Prius C

2019-2012 | Hatchback

Toyota Prius Plug-In

2015-2012 | Hatchback

The Toyota Prius, since its introduction in 2001, has been a golden standard for hybrid technology.

Toyota Prius Prime

2018 | Hatchback

Toyota Prius V

2015-2012 | Wagon

The Toyota Prius V is one of the latest released from the Toyota Prius line.

Toyota RAV4 Hybrid

2018-2016 | SUV

Toyota Toyota

2017 | Sedan