1998 Toyota Land Cruiser

  • 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser Base Sport Utility

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      4.7L V8
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1998 Toyota Land Cruiser Review

Go off road in the mud and drive dirty.

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The history of the Land Cruiser dates back to 1958. Toyota brought the truck to the United States to be sold as an alternative to the Jeep. Dubbing the truck a Land Cruiser, the truck sold in droves. It's now in its fifth generation and continues to be one of the most popular sport utility vehicles on the market. It is also Toyota's longest running series. Its fifth-generation makeover marks the first time the Land Cruiser has been redesigned since 1991.

The Range

Body Styles: SUV
Engines: 4.7-liter V-8
Transmissions: four-speed automatic
Models: Toyota Land Cruiser

What's New

The 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser sees the addition of a 4.7-liter 32-valve DOHC V-8 engine with 230 horsepower and 320 lb-ft of torque. This is the same engine used in the Lexus LS400, and it replaces the previous V-6 engine. In fact, the 1998 Land Cruiser is the first Toyota ever powered by a V-8 engine.

The 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser comes standard with an advanced anti-lock braking system, a redesigned chassis for increased structural rigidity, and enhancements to the suspension system, more passenger and cargo space, and several new color options. Toyota feels that this year’s changes have made it larger, stronger, and heavier than ever before. Furthermore, it reduces emissions, is more efficient than its predecessors, has much more attractive exterior and interior aesthetics, and is safer with more luxury options.


The 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser gets all new colors like River Rock Green Metallic, Natural White, Champagne Pearl, Desert Bronze, Atlantis Blue Mica, and Imperial Jade Mica. It's also expensive, but it's resilient and as tough as nails. It rides a wheelbase of 112.2 inches with 16-inch tires. Front suspension is independent and has rack and pinion steering. It also has a heavy ladder frame with nine cross members. At a length of 192.5 inches, the fifth generation is longer with a much more refined styling. It still exudes toughness despite looking somewhat less rugged and macho than it once did.


The 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser’s interior has more passenger and cargo space than its predecessors. The updated body design made it longer and wider than previous generations. The door openings are bigger, there are more cup holders, and there are three storage compartments and a space for eyeglasses or a garage door opener in the overhead console.

The 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser can fit five people. However, the added vehicle length has also provided space for an optional third passenger seat in the back to accommodate eight occupants. Forgoing this seat naturally permits more storage for luggage, camping gear, or cargo. Standard features include air-conditioning, cruise control, tachometer, tilt steering, a cassette/CD player, and multi-adjustable power driver’s seat. Options include leather seats, roof rack, power moonroof, locking differential, and the third rear seat.

Performance & Handling

Most 1998 Toyota Land Cruisers will never ride anything but asphalt. This is understandable given the price tag, but unfortunate because it has off road prowess like no other. Getting down and dirty with the Land Cruiser is highly recommended. It performs like a beast regardless of whether it embarks on a muddy jaunt through the woods, is climbing a steep hill, or zipping past cars on the highway. Any road condition or terrain can be driven with style, sophistication, and attitude. The engine is smooth and forceful with very little noise or temperament; meanwhile, the suspension is compliant. Steering may feel distant at times, but this is a very minor nuisance to a few people.


The 1998 Toyota Land Cruiser has no available NHTSA or IIHS crash test data. An anti-lock breaking system and driver and passenger frontal airbags come standard.

EPA Fuel Economy

Toyota Land Cruiser: 14/16 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Nice looking body style
  • Powerful V-8
  • Reliable
  • Luxurious interior
  • Comfort

You Won't Like

  • Lack of originality
  • Too similar to Lexus LX470
  • Fuel economy
  • Expensive

Sum Up

Go off road in the mud and drive dirty.

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