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2000 Toyota Tacoma

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2000 Toyota Tacoma Review

A reliable off-road toy with quite the price tag.

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The 2000 Toyota Tacoma is a pickup truck that was introduced by the Japanese automaker in 1995. It is a compact pickup that replaced the Toyota Pickup when it was launched. As compared to its predecessor, the Tacoma offers better ride quality and handling, comfort, and safety, but falls a bit short on ruggedness and payload capacity. The changes in the Tacoma were made in order to appeal to those consumers who used pickup trucks as personal vehicles rather than commercial and off-road vehicles.

The Range

Body Styles: regular cab, crew cab
Engines: 3.4-liter V-6, 2.7-liter I-4, 2.4-liter I-4
Transmissions: four-speed automatic, five-speed manual
Models: Toyota Tacoma, Toyota Tacoma PreRunner, Toyota Tacoma V6, Toyota Tacoma SR5, Toyota Tacoma SR5 V6, Toyota Tacoma PreRunner V6, Toyota Tacoma Limited

What's New

The 2000 Toyota Tacoma models with straight-four engines and four-wheel drive have been revised with an improved gear ratio, giving them improved performances. The base model gets new designs in its interior fabric, as well as exterior mirrors. The anti-lock brake package available with the 2000 Toyota Tacoma now comes with daytime running lights. Other minor changes for this model year include the addition of two new exterior colors and a color-keyed package for customers who prefer a monochrome look.


The regular cab model of the 2000 Toyota Tacoma has a wheelbase of 184 inches and an overall length of 103 inches, while the extended cab model has a length of 203 inches and a wheelbase of 122 inches. Both models come with a 6.2-foot cargo bed. Most 2000 Tacoma models have the same exterior styling, except for the PreRunner models that are designed to look like 4x4 off-road vehicles but have a two-wheel drive. This particular model has higher ground clearance and gets all-terrain tires and mudguards as well. All models come with a chrome trim, but the color key option replaces it with body-colored bumpers and trim.


The extended cab models of the 2000 Toyota Tacoma come with bucket seats as standard, while others have them as an optional feature. For all other models, the front seats are a three-place bench. The extended cab version gets two jump seats at the rear. The front seats offer a good amount of shoulder width and headroom. Legroom is also good, but the low positioning requires an awkward legs-out position. The regular cab versions of the car have lesser reclining clearance for the front seats than their rivals do. The rear seat for the extended cab models come with upright backrests and short cushions. Space is also very scant, making the seats suitable for children rather than adults. The dashboard for the 2000 Toyota Tacoma has been designed nicely in a logical and convenient layout. The online problem in this case is the climate controls, which are obstructed by the retractable cup holders.

Performance & Handling

The two-wheel-drive versions of the 2000 Toyota Tacoma get a 2.4-liter straight-four engine as standard, while the four-wheel-drive versions, and the PreRunner get a 2.7-liter straight-four engine as standard. All models are available with an optional 3.4-liter V-6 engine. The straight-four engines deliver 142 horsepower and 150 horsepower, respectively. The optional V-6 engine delivers 190 horsepower. The four-cylinder engines on the Tacoma are quicker than most other four-cylinder engines found in domestics. However, when it comes to performance, the heavier four-wheel-drive versions are better run by the optional V-6 engines. The two-wheel-drive Tacoma models offer a pleasant ride quality. The four-wheel versions are more comfortable than its competitors are, although it tends to be bouncy because of stiff suspension and large tires. Although the steering feels a little numb, the two-wheel-drive models have a sporty feel. The four-wheel-drive versions are taller than most competitors are, but it still feels stable when taking quick turns.


Four-wheel anti-lock braking is available on all models and contains dual airbags. The front passenger's side comes with a shut-off switch for its airbag. No safety crash test information is available for the 2000 Toyota Tacoma.

EPA Fuel Economy

Toyota Tacoma: 17/20 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Good engine options
  • Attractive exterior design
  • Competent off-roader

You Won't Like

  • Uncomfortable seats
  • High price tag

Sum Up

A reliable off-road toy with quite the price tag.

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