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2006 Toyota Tacoma

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2006 Toyota Tacoma Review

The 2006 Toyota Tacoma trucks leaves its competition in the dust.

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Since its first truck hit the U.S. market in 1964, Toyota trucks have long been known for durability. The Toyota image has always been synonymous with excellence in build and delivering nothing less than a complete package. The 2006 Toyota Tacoma is another vehicle in the lineup to hold up its end of the bargain.

Many improvements surfaced with the introduction of the 2005 Toyota Tacoma, from interior room to engine power with many additional safety features. The trucks come in traditional, extended-cab, which is called Access Cab, and crew-cab, which Toyota calls, ""Double Cab."" The PreRunner models offer the look and feel of four-wheel drive (4WD) trucks with the suspension, without the actual running gear.

The crew-cab and the access-cab high-performance X-Runner are both available in long-bed version. The V-6 is used on the crew-cab models, whereas the extended-cab and regular models can choose between six- or four-cylinder engines. The X-Runner offers the sport-tuning of a utility truck without losing any of the fun of a V-6 six-speed. The structural underneath bracing and lowered suspension is how the truck got its name. Many essentials are included on the models like CD stereo, multiple power points, and anti-lock brakes.

The Range

Body Styles: Regular Cab, Access Cab, Double Cab
Engines: 2.7-liter four-cylinder, 4.0-liter V-6
Transmissions: five-speed manual, four-speed automatic, six-speed manual, five-speed automatic
Models: Regular Cab: Tacoma Base, Tacoma PreRunner; Access Cab: Tacoma Base, Tacoma PreRunner, Tacoma PreRunner V-6, Tacoma V-6, Tacoma X-Runner V-6; Double Cab: Tacoma PreRunner V-6, Tacoma V-6

What's New

All 2006 Toyota Tacomas now have tire pressure monitors as standard equipment, and the revised testing procedures for SAE cause a drop in torque and horsepower ratings.


The 2006 Toyota Tacoma regular model comes with standard exterior features of a spare full-size tire, built-in storage units, composite cargo bed, and tie-down adjustable anchors. The Tacoma also comes with painted finish bumpers and privacy glass. There are many different colors of exterior paint to enhance the look of the truck. Each of the models is available with 4WD or two-wheel drive. Optional packages to enhance the exterior are the TRD Off-Road and TRD Sport package. The sport package adds upgraded tires and performance suspension, while the off-road package adds off-road heavy-duty suspension and meaty tires.


The 2006 Toyota Tacoma interior is well-equipped and comfortably designed. The materials that are used add quality to the interior, the firm, and supportive bolstering aren't the typical additions on this type of truck. The Access Cab has an easy entrance through the dual-rear doors and is very comfortable for adults. The addition of bucket seats and air-conditioning with the Access Cab is an improvement over others as well.

Standard interior features with the regular model are the tachometer and CD player, while the Access Cab includes air-conditioning. The Double Cab has power all-around and keyless entry features. The optional package called SR5 has chrome trim, upgraded interior, and intermittent wipers. Another great additional option for the interior is the JBL audio system, which has seven speakers for the Double Cab.

Performance & Handling

The 2006 Toyota Tacoma access cab and regular models come with either the six- or four-cylinder, although the crew-cab models have the V-6 exclusively. The transmission options for four-cylinder models are an automatic five-speed or manual six-speed with the V-6 getting a choice of an automatic five-speed and six-speed manual. The 2006 Toyota Tacoma maximum tow rating is around 6500 pounds.

The V-6 four-liter is perfect for performance, but the standard inline-four is certainly enough for average drivers. The 2006 Toyota Tacoma is amazingly agile around corners and is planted well through every turn, making it a very good choice for almost anyone.


The anti-lock brakes of the 2006 Toyota Tacoma trucks have Brake Assist and Electronic Brakeforce Distribution as standard equipment. The stability control comes standard on the X-Runner and optional on others. Optional full-length curtain airbags and side front seat airbags are optional on the crew-cab models, with the 4WD models coming with DAC Downhill Assist Control and HAC Hill-start Assist Control. Off-road package and stability control are also standard equipment on the 4WD models.

EPA Fuel Economy

Tacoma Regular: 18/25 mpg city/highway
Tacoma Double Cab: 16/21 mpg city/highway
Tacoma Access Cab: 18/25 mpg city/highway
Tacoma Access Cab with V-6: 14/19 mpg city/highway

You'll Like

  • Unique bed
  • Stability control
  • 18 body configurations
  • Refined and flexible drivetrains
  • Solid reliability record
  • Off road performance is excellent

You Won't Like

  • Some models have awkward emergency brake
  • Gearbox vague through gears

Sum Up

The 2006 Toyota Tacoma trucks leaves its competition in the dust.

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