Toyota Yaris

First introduced in 2007 as the successor to the rather unwieldy looking Echo, the Toyota Yaris is an entry-level subcompact car that the brand previously offered in Europe. In fact, in Europe, the Yaris remained Toyota’s best-selling model for some time before it entered into the U.S. market. So, while the Yaris is a relatively new model in the states, it has reached its third generation of production.

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About the Toyota Yaris

The Toyota Yaris provides a reliable and economical subcompact car option. It achieved immense popularity in Europe before being introduced to American drivers in 2007. With an entry-level price tag, great gas mileage, and Toyota’s reputation for reliability behind it, the Yaris is arguably the ideal new car for young drivers or those who just want to get the biggest bang for of their buck.

Toyota Yaris Features

Toyota completely redesigned the subcompact economy Yaris for 2012. The 2012 Toyota Yaris comes as either a two-door or four-door hatchback. Both versions come in L and LE trim levels. Additionally, the four-door version of the Yaris offers a more sport-minded SE trim level.

The L version includes such standard features as 15-inch steel wheels, an intermittent front mono-arm windshield wiper, a rear windshield wiper, power door locks, four-way adjustable front seats, air-conditioning, a tilt steering wheel, a trip computer, fold-down rear bench seats, and a cargo cover. The four-speaker audio system includes a CD player, an auxiliary audio jack, satellite radio, and a USB audio interface.

Stepping up to the LE version sees the addition of power windows, remote keyless entry, a six-way adjustable driver seat, auxiliary audio controls mounted on the steering wheel, improved interior trim, a 60/40-split rear seat that folds down, Bluetooth connectivity, and an improved audio system with six speakers and HD radio. The LE version also offers the option of cruise control.

The sporty SE four-door model comes equipped with a sport-tuned suspension, 16-inch alloy wheels, performance tires, four-wheel disc brakes, fog lamps, cruise control, a leather-trimmed steering wheel, a unique grille, and upgraded upholstery.

All versions of the 2012 Toyota Yaris contain the same 1.5-liter, inline-four engine. The engine generates 106 horsepower and produces 103 lb-ft of torque. The standard transmission consists of a five-speed manual, while Toyota also offers the option of a four-speed automatic.

The Yaris receives particularly good marks for gas mileage with a manual transmission, earning an EPA estimate of 30/38 mpg city/highway. Meanwhile, automatic transmission versions earn an estimated rating of 30/35 mpg city/highway.

Standard safety features for all versions of the 2012 Toyota Yaris include anti-lock brakes, traction control, stability control, active front head restraints, front seat side airbags, front and rear side-curtain airbags, and driver knee airbags.

The Toyota Yaris provides comfortable, well-padded front seats that offer good support. The back seat is spacious and offers a decent amount of legroom. The cabin design on the 2012 Yaris stays fairly simple; the controls are well laid out, and the car’s interior has a decidedly modern feel to it.

Four-door versions of the Yaris provide 15.6 cubic feet of cargo space behind the rear seats.

Reviews indicate that the 2012 Yaris provides enough power to navigate through most city driving scenarios, while also being able to maintain freeway speeds comfortably. The Yaris can also corner reasonably well with quick steering, pleasant handling, and an eager-to-please manner. The SE version, with its sport-tuned suspension, provides even better steering and handling.

Toyota Yaris Evolution

The Toyota Yaris debuted in the United States during its second generation. Models produced prior to 2012 differ from the third generation of the Yaris in many ways. For starters, earlier models measure 2.9 inches shorter and provide considerably less in the way of cargo space.

Earlier versions of the Yaris also boast center-mounted gauges that many regard as impractical. Earlier models of the Yaris also have smaller wheels.

Prior to 2012, Toyota also offered a sedan version of the Yaris. The Yaris sedan measures nearly 20 inches longer than the hatchback and boasts a longer wheelbase. This added length translates to an increased capacity for rear passengers. However, Toyota discontinued the sedan model, and only two- and four-door hatchback versions remain available from 2012 onwards. The SE sport trim level debuted in 2012, so older versions do not have the sport-tuned suspensions or any other features contained in that trim level.

Earlier models also include fewer airbags than the nine standard airbags that each new Yaris offers.

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2019 Toyota Yaris

Compact, Sedan

2018 Toyota Yaris

Compact, Hatchback

2017 Toyota Yaris

Compact, Hatchback

2016 Toyota Yaris

Compact, Hatchback

2015 Toyota Yaris

Compact, Hatchback

2014 Toyota Yaris

Compact, Hatchback

2013 Toyota Yaris

Compact, Hatchback

2012 Toyota Yaris

Compact, Hatchback

The Toyota Yaris has been extensively updated for the 2012 model year. Toyota now only offers the hatchback model which is available in three- and five-door configurations.

2011 Toyota Yaris

Compact, Hatchback, Sedan

The five-door Liftback was introduced for 2009, giving the lineup three models. Otherwise, mechanically the 2011 Toyota Yaris is carryover from 2010. The Yaris sedan’s Blue Streak and Zephyr Blue and the Liftback’s Yellow Gold and Carmine Red were discontinued. Polar White has been replaced by Super White and Classic Silver replaces Silver Streak Mica. In the Yaris Liftback, an extension was added to the sunvisor.

2010 Toyota Yaris

Compact, Hatchback, Sedan

2009 Toyota Yaris

Compact, Hatchback, Sedan

2008 Toyota Yaris

Compact, Hatchback, Sedan

First introduced to the market in 2007, the Toyota Yaris has done a lot to raise the bar for entry-level subcompact economy cars.

2007 Toyota Yaris

Compact, Hatchback, Sedan

In 2007, Toyota replaced the Echo with the exceptionally-better Toyota Yaris.