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Volkswagen caters to customers who want something a bit different, with German engineering and a level of refinement that sometimes exceeds that of American and Japanese competitors. In the post-Dieselgate era, VW is trying to win over skeptics with cars like the upcoming ID 4 electric SUV.

Least Expensive: The least expensive Volkswagen is the compact four-door Jetta. If you can resist ticking option boxes and are OK with changing your own gears, you can drive off the lot in a Jetta for around $20,000.

Sportiest: Volkswagen's Golf GTI remain a perennial favorite. With a peppy turbocharged four-cylinder, the GTI is one of the best ways to have automotive fun for around $30,000-$35,000.

Popular: The compact Jetta sedan and the Tiguan compact crossover top sales reports for Volkswagen, followed by the three-row Atlas SUV.

Most Expensive: The highest starting price for a Volkswagen belongs to the large Arteon hatchback; the base model with no options will set you back just under $37,000, and loaded examples sticker for nearly $50,000.

24 / Hwy 21 / City
24 / Hwy 21 / City
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29 / Hwy 23 / City
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32 / Hwy 24 / City
32 / Hwy 22 / City
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34 / Hwy 23 / City
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36 / Hwy 28 / City
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40 / Hwy 30 / City
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