Volkswagen Cabriolet

Like many of the brand’s other products, the Volkswagen Cabriolet provides a good option for car buyers looking to purchase an affordable and well-made car. Volkswagen first offered it in the 1979 model year in the small car class.

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Volkswagen Cabriolet Origins

There is no question that auto companies all over the world have achieved recognition and acclaim for their products and accomplishments. In Europe, certain names come to mind calling up those companies that paved the way for auto manufacturing. Volkswagen ranks among first on the list. This German company has been in existence since the 1930s and dedicates itself to creating a car for the people. This car aims to offer an affordable option to most citizens. The company accomplishes this goal, which makes it the largest carmaker in Europe.

Volkswagen’s road to success comes paved with hard work and help from some unexpected sources. At one point, early in the company’s history, Volkswagen joined forces with the famous Ferdinand Porsche for help designing a suitable car.

Volkswagen has offered a variety of different vehicle lines over the years. One of the most popular has been the Cabriolet series.

About the Volkswagen Cabriolet

In its first incarnation, the model uses the name VW Rabbit convertible. This model earns its place as one of the best-selling convertibles in automotive history. The Cabriolet gains recognition for its reliable nature, good looks, and solid German engineering. These cars prove popular with small families and younger individuals looking for fun and excitement in their vehicles, as well as good driving capabilities.

Over the years of its production, the Volkswagen Cabriolet underwent a great many changes while VW constantly tried to encourage new sales and improve the design of the car. Paint colors, trim levels, and all types of equipment improvements attempt to appeal to as many new consumers as possible.

Volkswagen Cabriolet Features

Despite its long history of popularity and appeal, Volkswagen chose to offer the Cabriolet for the last time in the 1993 model year. This car maintains a lot of the same characteristics of the older versions.

These cars feature the A3 Golf platform, a decent powertrain in the form of a 2.0-liter cross flow eight-valve engine, and plenty of extras. Consumers purchase this car with bolted on bodywork in the form of the bumpers, fenders, and oval side blinkers.

Volkswagen Cabriolet Evolution

As noted, the Volkswagen Cabriolet debuted in the 1979 model year and ran in one form or another until the 1993 model year. The most popular and well-designed of the series saw production from 1989 to 1999. These cars come equipped with hydraulic lifters. The company also combines the lifters with a simple, yet effective fuel injection system. Power windows and locks provide additional changes, along with updated safety features.

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