Volkswagen Jetta III

Like so many of the brand’s other cars and vehicles, the Volkswagen Jetta III series is known for its classic good looks and fine German engineering. These cars quickly gained popularity abroad and in the U.S.

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Volkswagen Jetta III Origins

While World War II waged, Volkswagen fell under command of the Nazi German government, which forced the company to convert its plant to make armaments for the Army. To make matters worse, the government required the plant to use forced labor during this time. Many POWs and concentration camp prisoners had to work for the very government and system that imprisoned them. Fortunately, the end of the war changed the workers’ and the plant’s future.

During the years following World War II, Volkswagen refocused on producing affordable and reliable vehicles again. Though many people are familiar with the Beetle design, the Jetta III soon joined the growing line of cars available from Volkswagen.

About the Volkswagen Jetta III

No one can beat the affordability and reliability these cars offer on top of their outstanding stylish design. The Jetta series in general marks the best-selling option Volkswagen sells in the American market. The Jetta III family of cars made its mark during the 1983 to 1995 model years.

In addition to the Jetta III, designed with impressive good looks and a very attractive price, gains recognition for its reliable powertrain and driving style. Many people have chosen the Jetta III over the years because these cars have proven themselves over and over again in test drives and in consumer reviews. Industry leaders have led to the success of these cars with their strong impressions of the series as well. Since the series ended in 1995, the Jetta III has become a popular choice in the used car market.

Volkswagen Jetta III Features

Volkswagen chose to the release the Jetta III new for the last time in 1995. Like its earlier incarnations, this car aims to provide as much comfort as possible, while offering an option to those looking for a good price, plenty of reliability, and durability. These cars offer both two- and four-door styles and come in several trim levels. Each trim level includes plenty of factory options, making it easy for buyers to customize their Jetta III as they desire. The 1995 Jetta III earns recognition for its good looks, easy on the wallet upkeep, and dependable function.

Under the hood, the Jetta III comes equipped with the powertrain it needs to make day-to-day travel and errand running easy. The lower trim levels contain a 2.0-liter engine capable of 115 hp. The upgraded trim levels offer a slightly larger and more powerful engine with a 2.8-liter, four-cylinder motor capable of producing 172 hp.

Inside the cabin of the Jetta III, Volkswagen tries to provide as much comfort as possible. The seats have cloth upholstery and offer a reasonable level of comfort. For a small compact car, the interior is serviceable and pleasant.

Volkswagen Jetta III Evolution

The Jetta III series from Volkswagen saw production from 1983 to 1995, though the series didn’t hit U.S. shores until 1985. The previous versions of this car show similarities to the final model offered in 1995. All of these cars are small, compact cars designed to offer consumers on a budget as much comfort and reliability as possible. With its fine-tuned German engineering and boxy, though attractive, body style, the Jetta III hit the mark admirably. While there have been some complaints about the quality of the power accessories, overall the car has stood up well to consumer and industry criticism.

The concept of the Jetta III focuses on reliable transportation, so the earlier versions of the car do not offer the most powerful powertrains, but they have efficient supplies. Older models of the Jetta III flaunt convenient two- or four-door body styles. Built on a Volkswagen Group A2 platform and equipped with front drive, the previously built versions of the Jetta III provide security and safety as well. Overall, a well-cared for Jetta III offers a good choice for a used car purchase.

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1995 Volkswagen Jetta III

Compact, Sedan

The 1995 Jetta III is a compact car manufactured by the German automaker Volkswagen, and sold across various markets around the world.