Volkswagen Midsize Car Buying Guide

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Volkswagen Beetle

2017-2012 | Convertible, Hatchback

Overall, the Volkswagen Beetle has earned a reputation based on its popularity among the common driver.

Volkswagen CC

2017-2009 | Sedan

At the beginning of 2008, Volkswagen unveiled the Volkswagen CC, a four-door coupe version of the Volkswagen Passat.

Volkswagen New Passat

2001 | Sedan, Wagon

The Volkswagen Passat is a seventh-generation large family car.

Volkswagen Passat

2018-2012, 2010-1995 | Sedan, Wagon

Originally built to capitalize on the look and feel of Audi cars, the Volkswagen Passat was meant to fill the gap left by the fading popularity of the Beetle in the early 1970s.