Volkswagen R32

The Volkswagen R32 has recognizable predecessors. Based on the Golf models, or the Rabbit, the R32 represents an amped up version of those reliable models. Certain modifications enhance the performance of the car, making it a real pleasure to drive.

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Volkswagen R32 Origins

While World War II waged, Volkswagen fell under command of the Nazi German government, which forced the company to convert its plant to make armaments for the Army. To make matters worse, the government required the plant to use forced labor during this time. Many POWs and concentration camp prisoners had to work for the very government and system that imprisoned them. Fortunately, the end of the war changed the workers’ and the plant’s future.

During the years following the World War II, Volkswagen once again turned its attention to making affordable and reliable vehicles. Almost everyone is familiar with the Beetle design and the R32 soon joined the growing line of cars available from Volkswagen.

About the Volkswagen R32

The one thing Volkswagen has been known for since the beginning is quality. This company makes every attempt to provide the world’s markets with usable and attractive vehicle designs and the R32 makes no exception. This car is known for its rarity, especially in the U.S. where Volkswagen only ships a limited number of R32 cars. The low available numbers make the R32 a hot commodity among performance car fans. The two-door coupe has only been available since the 2004 model year and performs well on every test drive and ranking test.

A sport suspension, larger engine, and upgraded interior all work together to raise the R32 up on the food chain in the auto world. All-wheel drive provides another feature Volkswagen adds to ensure the success of its newest performance car.

Volkswagen R32 Features

2008 marks the final model year of the popular, though hard to find, R32 model. The 2008 year also marks the only model in the second generation of the R32. Enthusiasts enjoy this model as much as previous years’ models. The R32 offers its traditional two-door coupe body style.

The powertrain represents one of the most impressive things about the VW R32. While the car doesn’t measure large, it has plenty of power under the hood with a 3.2-liter V-6 engine. Paired with a six-speed automated dual clutch manual transmission, the R32 comes fully equipped for any driving needs from basic day-to-day commutes, to spending some time zooming along the highway. Industry leaders have long been impressed with the reliability and precision of this R32 and the 2012 model year doesn’t disappoint.

Inside the cabin, VW spares no effort or expense in trying to make the R32 comfortable. High-quality materials create a luxury feel. The car also comes equipped with heated leather seats, iPod device options, and xenon headlights. Consumers can also choose from all-weather tires or summer tires when ordering.

Volkswagen R32 Evolution

The R32 only dates from the 2004 model year and the 2008 represents the only second generation model. Much like the final edition, the previous editions of this car meet with rave reviews from most critics and consumers. Also like the 2008 model, VW limits the number of R32s available in the U.S. For those who like and want this car, it can prove a bit of a challenge to find one. As a used car option, the R32 offers a good choice, especially when you find one with a good maintenance history.

Like its 2008 counterpart, the R32 in 2004 offers only leather seats and also features a V-6 engine. The V-6 holds 3.2 liters and produces 240 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque. A six-speed manual transmission provides the only choice on this model. Volkswagen also offers this car with all-wheel drive, boosting its reputation for a dependable and high-performing car under any driving conditions.

While originally unsure of the car’s reception in the U.S., the R32 quickly made a cult-like following for itself. For this reason, it can be difficult to find used cars available.

Select a Volkswagen R32 Year

2008 Volkswagen R32

Hatchback, Sports

The 2008 Volkswagen R32 classifies as a five-passenger hatchback with all-wheel drive.

2004 Volkswagen R32

Compact, Hatchback

The Volkswagen R32 debuted only in Europe as more of a novelty than an actual model line.