Volvo S60

For decades, Volvo has been a brand name synonymous with safety, but that is not the start and finish to the S60’s claim to fame. Throughout the first generation, the S60 was known as a luxury mid-size sedan that provided adequate power in its high trim packages.

The second generation lends way to significant upgrades that launched the vehicle into a top, competitive performer within its class. The recent year model is known for its three varying trim packages and top-of-the-line engine performance that reaches 325 horsepower in the T6 R-Design. Drivers know and understand the luxury appointments throughout the cabin along with the premium engine performance that make the S60 a great drive whether you are behind the wheel or in any other seat in the cabin.

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About the Volvo S60

Introduced in 2001, the first generation Volvo S60 was offered in three trim levels and thought to be the replacement model for the S70. The base model boasted a 2.4-liter engine that offered 168 horsepower, while the middle trim package reached numbers up to 197 horsepower. The top trim level for the 2001 Volvo S60 was known as the T5 and allowed drivers to reach 247 horsepower through its 2.3-liter, five-cylinder engine.

The 2002 models were improved and made way for a brand new 2.4T AWD edition. As the Volvo S60 continued its upward climb into the marketplace, enhanced engines were added to the AWD in 2003 and a power-packed R trim package that reached 300 horsepower followed the next model year. In 2005, the body and interior were revitalized and styling changes continued through to the last generation model released in 2009.

For the first generation Volvo S60, drivers enjoyed the speed found in some of the high trim packages, but competition was steep, with others in the class providing additional luxury and performance features lacking on the S60. The second generation S60—released in 2011—narrowed the gap with the competition with a refreshed sporty body style and interior along with high-grade features under the hood.

Volvo S60 Features

Drivers who are looking for more out of the first generation S60 will be pleasantly surprised by the updates in the second generation, which was released in 2011. The 2012 Volvo S60 saw limited updates due to the overhaul received the year before. The 2012 models are available in the T5 and T6 trim packages that continue to uphold the “Volvo” name in terms of body style and performance.

At first glance, the body style speaks to the sports car enthusiast who might not have expected such sleek and modern lines from this mid-size, luxury sedan. Last year’s redesign also brought improvements under the hood, with three powerful engines to choose from. The well-known T6 AWD reaches an impressive 300 horsepower and a new trim package; the T6 R-Design provides an additional 25 horsepower along with hard-to-miss sport-tuned suspension and posh interior upgrades. The third 2012 Volvo S60 engine is found in the T5, which reaches 250 horsepower while proving to be quite fuel efficient.

In terms of body style, the T5 can be considered the “base” model, with 17-inch wheels and a plethora of interior perks, from climate control to modern upholstery to the premium sound systems with accompanying CD player and satellite radio. The T6 comes standard with leather upholstery, sport-tuned suspension, and standard all-wheel drive, to name a few. Both the T5 and the T6 can be combined with premium packages that feature a sunroof and bi-xenon headlights, which are all part of the standard offerings founds on the T6 R-Design.

Volvo S60 Evolution

The first generation S60 was available in three trim packages - the 2.4, 2.4T and T5. Drivers found a 2.4-liter, five-cylinder engine in the base 2.4 that could reach up to 168 horsepower. The middle trim package offered a minimal upgrade to 197 horsepower and the T5 reached the top of the offering with a 2.3-liter, five-cylinder engine that climbed to 247 horsepower.

As years passed, Volvo introduced several upgrades and new trim packages, such as the AWD sedan in 2003 and the R in 2004. The same year, drivers could also choose from a 2.4T trim with new front-wheel drive and an upgraded engine. Just one year later, the exterior and interior of the S60 saw updates which led to the complete refreshed front fascia on all the 2007 models. As the first generation began to disappear from the market, the R model was dropped in 2008 and by 2010 Volvo was not producing them.

Select a Volvo S60 Year

2019 Volvo S60

Hybrid, Luxury, Sedan

2018 Volvo S60

Luxury, Sedan

2017 Volvo S60

Luxury, Midsize, Sedan

2016 Volvo S60

Midsize, Sedan

2015 Volvo S60

Midsize, Sedan

2014 Volvo S60

Midsize, Sedan

2013 Volvo S60

Midsize, Sedan

The 2013 Volvo S60 is a luxury offering from Sweden that presents a serious alternative to the German-made competitors that tend to dominate the market.

2012 Volvo S60

Midsize, Sedan

Volvo upped the sport ante for 2012 with the introduction of its T6 all-wheel drive R-Design, featuring 325 horsepower and 354 lb.-ft. of torque from a turbocharged six-cylinder found in the T6 model.

2011 Volvo S60

Midsize, Sedan

The S60’s list of standard equipment is lengthy, including a 7-inch, high-definition color infotainment system, 18-inch alloy wheels, a sport-tuned Dynamic chassis, driver-selectable speed sensitive steering, HD Radio, a six-month Sirius Satellite Radio trial, and Volvo’s City Safety automated emergency-braking system. Significant options include Pedestrian Detection, which can warn you of pedestrians in your path before automatically applying the brakes.

2009 Volvo S60

Midsize, Sedan

The 2009 Volvo S60 is an entry-level, midsize luxury sedan that faces stiff competition.

2008 Volvo S60

Midsize, Sedan

The 2008 Volvo S60 is an oddball sedan in many ways.

2007 Volvo S60

Midsize, Sedan

The 2007 Volvo S60 is a midsized luxury sedan with plenty going for it.

2006 Volvo S60

Midsize, Sedan

The 2006 Volvo S60 impresses most people who do not hold a grudge against its boxy predecessors.

2005 Volvo S60

Midsize, Sedan

2004 Volvo S60

Midsize, Sedan

The 2004 Volvo S60 makes a rather unusual entry into the luxury sedan market.

2003 Volvo S60

Midsize, Sedan

2002 Volvo S60

Midsize, Sedan

The Volvo S60 sedan does a nice job of combining elegant luxury and a sports sedan concept.

2001 Volvo S60

Midsize, Sedan

When the Volvo S60 rolled off the assembly lines in Belgium in 2000, auto-enthusiasts all over the world were very excited.