Volvo S80

The Volvo S80, through both of its generations, has been known for its safety features, unique cabin designs, and reliability. Though not necessarily the first choice for those looking for a luxury sedan, the S80 has plenty going for it.

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Volvo S80 Origins

The start of the automotive era moved across almost every part of the world. Companies that had once made carriages and buggies moved into creating engines and body frames. Other types of industrial plants were also converted into automotive factories. In Sweden, Volvo began its journey towards automotive fame in 1925. Volvo is the brainchild of its two original founders, Gustaf Larsson and Assar Gabrielsson. These gentlemen made it their goal to produce cars of high quality, while ensuring the safety and reliability of their products. Volvo continues to strive for these goals with every vehicle it manufactures.

World War II brought about some changes for the Swedish automaker. Volvo was forced to slow production during the war years, however the company did manage to stay in business and even introduce some new vehicles.

Like so many of the other European and Asian automakers, Volvo chose to bring its vehicle lineup to the United States in the years following World War II. During the 1950s, Volvo produced its first small car, named the PV444, and introduced it with a great deal of success. The car company continues its success to the present day with a variety of models including the S80.

About the Volvo S80

It’s no big secret to the auto industry, or fans of Volvo, that one of the most important qualities it offers is safety. This company outfits its products with in-cabin comfort and convenience. With the S80 series, Volvo has made no exceptions.

In addition to the roomy cabin, safety features, and reliability, Volvo has created an alternative option to the typical sedan. The S80 series also provides high performance; much like the competitors in its class. In reality, the S80 doesn’t have the luxury feel one can get from higher trim levels in other cars. However, it does have a very nice, affordable price tag compared to its competitors. Many industry leaders feel Volvo’s attention to detail in regards to solid construction, safety, and reliability, as well as good looks, makes the S80 a worthy choice.

Volvo S80 Features

Volvo chose to offer the S80 in the 2012 model year. This car remains similar to its mates in the second generation and offers Volvo’s famous safety features. For this model year, the S80 Series comes in two trim levels: the 3.2 and the T6 AWD.

As the base model of the S80, the 3.2 edition features all kinds of amenities such as power accessories, 17 inch alloy wheels, and even leather upholstery. This model also offers power front seats, automatic climate control, and heated mirrors, among several other features. Keeping with Volvo’s tradition, this vehicle comes equipped with all kinds of technological features, including Bluetooth capabilities and a state of the art audio system.

Under the hood, the base model 3.2 S80 houses a 3.2l, inline-six engine and a six-speed automatic transmission. Together the powertrain offers 240 hp and 236 lb-ft of torque.

The upgraded T6 edition with all-wheel drive has the above mentioned features and a few more besides. This car offers 18 inch alloy wheels, a sunroof, and keyless entry and ignition. This model contains a 3.0-liter, turbocharged inline-six engine paired with a six-speed automatic transmission.

Volvo S80 Evolution

The Volvo S80 Series offers two distinct generations, the first available new from 1999 to 2006. This S80 generation marks a diversion from Volvo’s traditional, boxy body style. This car features a more curved and streamlined design than ever before.

Volvo kept with tradition when taking care of the engineering under the hood. The first generation of the S80 offers three engine choices. Two of the engines are turbocharged for enhanced performance. The first is a T6: an inline-six, 2.9-liter engine capable of 268 hp. Buyers can also opt for the T6 in a 2.8-liter capacity, as well. Volvo offers two other engine options, including the T5, inline-five engine and a naturally aspired inline-six motor.

Volvo introduced the second generation Volvo S80 in the 2007 model year with some new options. While by outside appearances the second generation looks similar to the first, Volvo did make some dramatic changes to the car’s platform and engine options. With this generation, the S80 comes with an inline-six engine or a massive V-8. Keeping with tradition and its reputation for safety, Volvo also adds a large variety of safety features to the second generation S80.

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