Volvo S90

For decades, Volvo has been a standard in terms of safety and reliability and this legacy can be seen in the S90. Although the S90 was short lived in the market, it paved the way for future models and increased standards in terms of performance and luxury from the Volvo name.

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Volvo S90 Origins

In the mid-1990s, Volvo rebranded all vehicles with a new naming system, which included the S90. Formerly known as the 960, the new and improved S90 was available in 1997 and 1998 with all the bells and whistles drivers would expect to find on a luxury Volvo sedan. It can be argued that the S90 was almost a replica of the previous 960, but updates could be found on both the interior and exterior. And what was lacking in performance, it made up for with a luxury interior and plenty of safety features.

About the Volvo S90

The Volvo S90 may be best known for its minimal evolution from the previous 960 sedan. Small changes were made to the S90, but did include a refreshed interior and a new palette of exterior colors. Consumers could choose from Classic Red, Dark Blue Metallic, Blackberry Pearl Metallic, and Polar White Pearl Metallic to name a few. Volvo enthusiasts may have felt comfort in the gradual progression of the line although many understood the short life span of the car would lead the way for more advanced models that would offer better fuel economy and performance.

The S90 is also well-known for its abundance of standard features on the single, base model. Bucket seats, power moonroof, power heated mirrors, daytime running lights, power windows, and power driver’s seat with memory are just a few that graced the long and honorable features list. Many other safety features, like daytime running lights, were also added in both the 1997 and the 1998 model years.

Volvo S90 Features

After the release in 1997, the following model year saw not one noteworthy change. The 1998 Volvo marked the last year the car would be released, leaving room for some of the more modern and up-to-date models, including the S70. The S90 is often combined in terms of performance and body styles with its wagon counterpart, the V90. Many of the features are similar for both models, except the V90 features added benefits, such as additional trunk space and a child safety seat.

When shopping, the S90 consumers can expect to find many luxurious options on the base model. The base S90 boasts a 2.9-liter, six-cylinder engine with automatic transmission. Safety features include side curtain airbags and antilock brakes. When opening one of the four doors, people will quickly notice the posh interior, which includes leather seating, a power sunroof, premium sound system, and power features throughout. If you are comparing the S90 to its later S70 predecessor don’t be shocked to find a more fuel efficient engine and lighter body frame in the latter.

Volvo S90 Evolution

The 1997 S90 was the first generation under the ?S? title and it carried many characteristics from the previous 960 version. Offered only in the base model, the S90 offered a 2.9-liter, six-cylinder engine with automatic transmission that reached 181 horsepower. The exterior saw slight updates and the interior was overhauled with many premium trim features.

On the plus side, the one and only base model is filled with luxury features Volvo shoppers hope to find. Inside the cabin, you will find leather seating, dual power seats, and a premium sound system. Other attributes include a power sunroof, alloy wheels and climate control. Other available optional features, including the CD audio system and heated front seats, made for an enjoyable ride regardless of the distance travelled. The cabin itself is smaller when compared to the S70, but it still offers many features that make the vehicle stand out.

Thanks to the Volvo name, many safety features are also standard on the S90. From antilock brakes to side curtain air bags, many drivers feel protected when behind the wheel or in any other comfortable seat within the car. Four-wheel ABS, an anti-theft alarm system, fog lights, and airbags for the driver and passenger seats add to the safety features.

Although the S90 may have turned heads, it can be a hard sale when placed next to the lighter and leaner S70. Also, since both model years—1997 and 1998—saw little to no upgrades, the competition within and outside of the Volvo brand may be great.

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