Volvo Sedan Buying Guide

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Volvo 850 Sedan

1997-1995 |Luxury

The Volvo 850 replaces the aging 700 series, offering Volvo fans something new to explore.

Volvo 940 Sedan

1995 |Luxury

The Volvo 940 series includes several impressive features.

Volvo 960 Sedan

1997-1995 |Luxury

The Volvo 960, like every other car or vehicle the company makes, was known for its safety features and reliability.

Volvo S40 Sedan

2011-2000 |Midsize

While most of Volvo’s models have a boxy body style, the S40 tries something a little different.

Volvo S60 Sedan

2019-2011, 2009-2001 |Hybrid, Luxury, Midsize

For decades, Volvo has been a brand name synonymous with safety, but that is not the start and finish to the S60’s claim to fame.

Volvo S70 Sedan

2000-1998 |Luxury

The Volvo S70 dates back to 1998-2000, when the car was available on the market.

Volvo S80 Sedan

2016-1999 |Luxury

The Volvo S80, through both of its generations, has been known for its safety features, unique cabin designs, and reliability.

Volvo S90 Sedan

2018-2017, 1998 |Hybrid, Luxury

For decades, Volvo has been a standard in terms of safety and reliability and this legacy can be seen in the S90.