Volvo XC90

While no one can claim that the Volvo XC90 isn’t safe and reliable, it is possible to note that this SUV may not be the flashiest or best performing option available. The XC90 fails to keep up with the competition in terms of size, space, or electronic features. This lack resulted in a more significant shift in car sales among this class than has been seen for a long time.

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Volvo Origins

Much like the big three U.S.-based auto manufacturers, a large majority of the foreign carmakers started out in the first quarter or so of the 1900s. This certainly holds true for the Swedish automaker Volvo. The company began around 1925 and was founded on the high ideals of creating the safest, most reliable, and well-made cars possible. The company’s first models fared well in the local markets and quickly earned popularity.

The onset of World War II adversely affected all kinds of business, and European automakers were especially hit hard. While Volvo continued to make good quality products, it was forced to slow down production and only offered a limited number of new models during the war.

However, once World War II ended, the company turned its sights to broader horizons and made the decision to offer its cars in the U.S. during the 1950s. It turns out the American public was more than ready for well-made, safe vehicles. That sentiment holds true today, with Volvo sales doing well in the U.S. Among its other offerings, the Volvo XC90 provides a popular option.

About the Volvo XC90

From the company’s beginning, Volvo has been known for incorporating reliability, safety, and good car construction into its designs. The XC90 SUV series provides a good example of all of these things. This midsize SUV is well known for its family friendly features and amazing safety rating. Interested buyers will also note the attractive body design this vehicle features. Most industry experts feel this model offers a good choice for normal everyday transportation with an adequate powertrain and performance rating.

The most likely people to buy a Volvo XC90 include those with families, those who appreciate safety features, and Volvo fans. Overall, the XC90 comes equipped to get the job done; it just doesn’t go out of its way to provide some of the extras.

Volvo XC90 Features

For the 2012 model, the XC90 comes in three distinct trim levels; the 3.2 represents the base level, while the upgraded editions include the 3.2 R-design and the V-8.

With the 3.2 XC90, buyers will find an adequate 3.2-liter, inline six-cylinder engine capable of producing 240 hp. This engine can also be found in the 3.2 R-design models. The V-8 model amps things up a bit and its 4.4-liter motor provides 311 hp. It’s important to note the V-8 engine isn’t as fuel efficient as the 3.2-liter, inline six-cylinder option, but it does offer more power.

The interior of the XC90 is as family friendly and comfortable as Volvo fans have come to expect. The seats are cushy and provide adequate support. Some models feature leather upholstery, if desired. The cabin of the XC90 remains relatively quiet, allowing very little engine or environment noise to be noticed in the cabin.

Volvo XC90 Evolution

The past versions of the Volvo XC90 date back to 2003 when the company first introduced this SUV. There have been some changes made to the vehicle depending on the model year, but for the most part, distinguishing between the various models remains relatively simple. Volvo chose to name the trim levels according to the engine size. For example, among the first XC90 models released is the 2.5T, which stands for a 2.5-liter turbocharged engine. The 2.5T engine is a five-cylinder inline motor. The trend continues with the 3.2-liter and V-8 engine choices.

For the most part, the XC90 doesn’t offer all of the extras and functions of a traditional SUV, but in the 2007 and 2008 model years Volvo released the XC90 in a more fun model. The V-8 Sport model offers a finely tuned suspension, faster steering capabilities, and a unique trim for the exterior of the vehicle. This option comes closer to matching the more well-known SUV options.

As a used car choice, the Volvo XC90 provides a good option for the family or person who likes plenty of safety features. As long as the less than spectacular pickup and performance isn’t a problem, the XC90 makes a good SUV buying option.

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